AmEx Invests In The Boom, Not The Bust

The following American Express OPEN’s “Start Booming” testimonial features Divya Gugnani, owner of the culinary web company Behind The Burner in New York.

For Gugnani “Booming” is getting paid faster. After using social media to reach 140,000 subscribers in just two years, Divya needed her cash to flow as rapidly as her company was growing. So she started invoicing with AcceptPay. Now her advertisers have more ways to pay, and she’s getting paid around three weeks faster.
“We launched this campaign to highlight the ingenuity and innovation that business owners are using to drive their companies forward, even as this economic environment continues to challenge many of them,” said Julie Fajgenbaum, vice president at American Express OPEN.

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  1. Eric Matthews says:

    This video is an inspiration to fulfill your dreams and have American Express help you do it.