America’s Talking About Stay At Home Servers

Creature, the Seattle agency that creates things and reinterprets advertsing, has come up with some quirky materials to support Microsoft’s new Windows Home Servers.
Their Stay at Home Servers campaign includes online films, a microsite, banners and a children’s book, Mommy, Why is there a Server in the House?.
The campaign draws a parallel between the server and a father who chooses to stay at home, which is quick shorthand for what the product is, and a way to talk to the target in terms they understand – the conflict between work and home.

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  1. you baited hooked and synced me on this one, microsoft.
    All those years I volunteered my services as a stay at home mom on your networks. Then your servers in the company didn’t even back up my files. I deleted them. You failed to back them up.
    There are stay at home parents, and then there are stay at home parents who serve, sacrifice and parent. Would you even know the difference? Just curious.