Americans Are Crying Fowl In Nationwide Wings Shortage

Breaking news…Chicken wings are in short supply.

As you can see from the above video footage, Kraft Foods–the conglomerate based in suburban Chicago–admits, at least in part, responsibility for the shortage.
David Ervin, Brand Director, Kraft Salad Dressing, says, “Authorities have informed us that samples of our best tasting Ranch ever have been leaked to the public. We understand that when it’s combined with wings, will-power seems to disappear. We apologize if this has contributed to the shortage.”
On the eve of a wings-eating event like Super Bowl 43, I don’t know that Ervin’s explanation or regret will appease the nation.
[via Steffan Postaer]

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  1. wow. that is lame.

  2. kraft should stick to bad commercials and stay away from bad virals.

  3. It actually was a decent attempt for them… until that horrible marketing-speak kra(p)ft quote towards the end.
    Then it became shite.