American Copywriter Paves The Way

Wichita based B2B agency, Sullivan Higdon & Sink, is the first ad agency to my knowledge to provide a weekly podcast. The show, American Copywriter is the work of agency creatives John January and Tug McTighe.
According to the agency web site, John and Tug will share their unique take on the world of advertising, sports, music, TV, movies, pop culture, Halloween and really just about every topic imaginable. Basically, if John and Tug hear about a trend or an issue, they’ve got an opinion to share with everyone.
I have yet to listen to the entire show, but this is another big development, as it’s only a matter of time before agencies begin to create podcasts for their clients.

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  1. This was a little experiment we tried just to learn a little bit about this wave. We did not expect it to get much notice. We were wrong. I got a call from The New York Times the day after the podcast went on the air. The hits on our Web site have increased exponentially. And we have been noted in good ad blogs. Had we known this would take off the way it has we would have A.) actually prepared and B.) purchased an omni-drirectional microphone (we have since ordered one).
    If we had any doubt about the medium, they have been erased. The wonderful news (to me) is that consumers will have the power to choose what they listen to. That means that brands (and the agencies who help them build those brands) have an unprecedented opportunity to have honest, meaningful and extended conversations with their consumers.
    Can you imagine a podcast from Harley that lets consumers behind their curtain a little bit? Think that would get downloaded? C-L, you owe me, if you use that.
    We live in interesting and exciting times.
    John January
    Vice President – Creative Director
    Sullivan Higdon & Sink/Kansas City