All Work and Hopefully Some Play

I’m in Boulder today, so I thought I’d take a drive out Diagonal Highway toward Longmont to see where Crispin Porter & Bogusky has set up shop in a nondescript office park. And look, there are a bunch of cars in the parking lot. On New Year’s Day. Which leads me to believe it takes extraordinary drive (and an obsessive nature) to reach the top and stay there.

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  • fortyver

    Or it could be that folks left there cars parked there instead of leaving them on the street by their house while they travelled home for the holidays. When I worked at Chiat LA, many of us left our cars parked at the office and took a cab to LAX when we travelled home for the holidays. It was safe and regularly patrolled.

  • stevehappens

    to be fair, most of those cars are probably just parked there while the owners are on vacation.

  • Steve Jerman

    Oh there were still too drunk from the Christmas Party and took a cab ? . . . I’m with David on his deduction.

  • fatc

    Or they could be the cars of Junior Creatives who’s only hope of ever having enough cash to actually travel somewhere over the holidays is to bust their asses and sell some cool work in the hope of cashing in on some of that Crispin cache.
    Hey, when you’re single, your furniture is disposable and you can’t afford to eat much more than ramen noodles, hanging out at the office ain’t nearly as bad as it might sound otherwise.

  • Pattern Recognition

    Alex probably told them on Christmas Eve they couldn’t go home until they came up with 80 more ideas for the latest Whopper interstital.

  • HighJive

    Or maybe CP+B is making extra cash and using the space as a public parking lot. When you see what parking lots charge in downtown Chicago, it really makes you wish you owned some land in the city. We could all quit our day jobs.

  • George Parker

    David… It could be that really wanky American work ethic which dictates you only get two weeks vacation a year – While the rest of the world gets six or more… And God forbid you should actually take the whole two weeks!!! On the other hand, what the fuck are you doing driving around looking at parking lots on New Years Day… Are there no bars in Boulder… Oh yeah, I forgot, they all sell Wheat Grass shakes… Yuucckk!
    Happy New Thingy/George

  • George Parker

    David… Fucking David… I just noticed you have a banner ad on the AdPulp site for SheMale Ann Coulter, so that anyone with half a fucking brain can sign up for her rancid, outrageous, unashamedly toxic bile via email. I don’t care if you are a Neo-Con, or you’re getting a million dollars a week to run this piece of shit… DON’T FUCKING DO IT!!! I will never read AdPulp again unless you get rid of this. It isn’t just because I hate this harridan’s politics… It’s because she is a disgrace to blogs – Writing – Journalism – Communications – And fucking civilization!!! David… Promise me… Kill the bitches banners!

  • David Burn

    Settle down man. I don’t even know what ad you’re talking about. Must be some Google bullshit. And what’s with your threat, anyway? “I won’t read AdPulp, wah wah wah…”

  • Danny G.

    Hey George–I know David is definitely not a neo-con, nor is he getting a million dollars for banner ads (’cause I’d want my sliver of that cash!)
    Honestly, I’m not sure we can control which of those google ads show up, and they’re somehow tied in to the subject you click on. I have no fuckin’ clue what Ann Coulter & CP&B have in common, although I’d love to hear your theory on it. There’s Boulder real estate banner ads right next to it, which makes more sense.
    But when I posted some thing criticizing Kaiser Permanente a while back, there were banner ads for them right on the page. The moral is, just click on it so David & I can get our 2 cents–literally–out of it. Cheers.
    Danny G.

  • David Burn

    I refreshed this post a few times and now I see that Coulter bullshit. Which is bad, but not as bad as G.P. thinking I’m some fucking neo-con. That’s insulting.

  • HighJive

    bet if you photoshopped a copy of madscam in ms. coulter’s hand, george would have no problem with it.