All Things Being Equal, Americans Want A Car That Runs Well, Not Deep

General Motors will promote its Chevrolet brand with a new marketing theme, “Chevy runs deep,” aimed at representing the history of the brand while showcasing new products.
According to Detroit Free Press:

GM made the ads with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, which won the Chevrolet account in May and is opening an office in the Francis Palms building downtown. Jeff Goodby, co-chairman and creative director for the agency, said the ads will solve two prior Chevrolet marketing problems: focusing only on the past, or forgetting Chevy’s legacy while talking too much about car and truck features.
“It’s such a deep, wide, connected brand in America,” Goodby said of Chevrolet. “All things being equal, Americans want to buy Chevys. And we have to put them in that position.”

I’m stunned. Did Goodby actually say those words to a reporter? Did he mean them?
Then there’s the tagline itself. It’s no “Like a rock.” Not even close. Let’s hope the spots make us forget the hapless line and faulty assumptions.

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