All Of A Sudden Carbs Are Sexy. Again.

from Lewis Lazare: We don’t know why, but 52 years ago someone apparently thought it necessary to prove that glamorous actress Marilyn Monroe would still look fab even if she were dressed only in something as homely as a potato sack.
Now the Idaho Potato Commission is hoping to piggyback off that memorable pic with a new image of its current spokeswoman and fitness icon Denise Austin. Life-sized blow-ups of the Austin photo will soon be posted in supermarket produce aisles.

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  1. Wow. Denise Austin…she really is today’s Marilyn Monroe. If Andy Warhol were still alive, I am sure she would be next in line for his pop icon paintings.
    What is the Idaho Potato Commision thinking?
    Does anyone even know who this woman is?
    Potatoes are an issue that really hits close to home. Little emotional there. Carry on.