All Hail The Rant

The Spunker has turned us on to what appears at first glance to be a great suck-ass new ad blog, Copyranter.

I am an NYC ADVERTISING COPYWRITER. I get paid a ridiculous amount of money to be stupid. And then to change my stupidity to something stupider. And stupider. And so on. Like reading funny stupid stuff? Welcome.

With that kind of honesty up front, you know the contents of the blog are bound to be equally refreshing. Just take a look at some of Copyranter’s headlines.
DEAD is the new BLACK
The Gays Don’t Shop Daffy’s, DO THEY?

About David Burn

Co-founder and editor of AdPulp. I wrote my first ad for a political candidate when I was 17 years old. She won her race and I felt the seductive power of advertising for the first time. I worked for seven agencies in five states before launching my own practice in 2009. Today, I am head of brand strategy and creative at Bonehook in Portland, Oregon.


  1. Carl LaFong says:

    Gotta disagree with you on this one, David. I’ve read a couple of his posts. Nothing fresh, funny or insightful – just another whiny copywriter who’s full of himself (and beer) and is nowhere near as clever as he seems to think he is.

  2. Say it isn’t so.
    I don’t know if the bloatosphere can handle another Wow Factor.

  3. Carl LaFong says:

    I forgot all about The Wow Factor! Has anyone been keeping up with that little bit of unalloyed brilliance?

  4. so Mr. LaFong, you wanna point me to some of your brilliance, please? Or, do you just unlinkingly attack people as a pathetic hobby? Coward.

  5. Copyranter,
    Where’s your elephant skin? I thought you worked in advertising.
    By the way, anonymous blogging might be considered kind of girlie by some.

  6. Carl LaFong says:

    Thank you for proving my point, Copyranter. Your eloquence is, as always, underwhelming. Tell me, why am I a coward? Just because I don’t have a blog? Now that is pathetic.
    All I did was simply offer my opinion and you become completely unglued. If you want to engage in a legitimate debate or show me where you think I’m wrong, fine. But your sniveling little screed only reveals your underlying insecurity.
    And you are a fine one to berate me for “attacking” people. What exactly is it you do on your blog? Take your recent “critique” of the new Starbucks outdoor (and no, I had nothing to do with it). Instead of offering any real insight or understanding, you just toss off a couple of lame insults.
    Oh, and for the record, I never claimed to be brilliant. That’s why I don’t have a blog.

  7. well, Mr. Lafong, you don’t know “unglued.” unglued would be taking a stranger who’s insulted me and slamming his pinhead into a lamp post.
    my evidence is that I’ve been at the same excellent agency for 13 years, since we opened.
    that’s right I am insecure. and so are you, you little twerp.
    you’re obviously someone who takes this whole advertising thing a little too seriously. the fact that you’re an insider and pissed off at my blog is FUCKING PERFECT.
    So you wanna meet and “debate” you let me know. and I’ll tell you the exact address and suite where I work, and you stop on by, you here?

  8. Lafong sayeth copyranteth a “sniveling little screed.” If you’re saying it’s a “lengthy piece of discourse” then it shouldn’t also be called “little.” If you’re saying it’s “a piece of informal writing” then copyranter’s elocution [re: Your eloquence is, as always, underwhelming] shouldn’t be mocked. Besides, Burn hedged his bets by describing copyranter as, “what appears at first glance to be a great new ad blog” so there was no need to disagree with him in the first place.

  9. Furthermore, if you meant screed as in, “a leveling device drawn over freshly poured concrete” then you were right on the money.

  10. to Lafong & Burn; this is my last post ever to this site. just letting you both know, don’t respond, because this is also my last visit to your site. I do what I do for my own fun, also several hot chicks dig the fuck outta me, and yes, I’ve met them.
    Fuck off, wannabes.

  11. Bye bye troll.

  12. Hoisted on his own keyboard.

  13. Carl LaFong says:

    Ben, my anal retentive friend, do you come with subtitles? I kid, of course – and I apologize for misusing “screed.” Hoisted by my own petard, it would seem.
    Still, your pal Copyranter’s increasingly hysterical replies only serve to further reveal his fundamental insecurity. It’s fascinating in a twisted kind of way. Notice how he goes from childish taunts to threats of physical force – judging by the picture on his blog I don’t think I’d have anything to worry about – to bragging about his cool job and his hot girlfriends in the space of just a few postings. How utterly pathetic. Must be a barrel of laughs around the office.
    I hate to break it to you, Copyranter (and yes, I know you are reading this), but I don’t take advertising seriously — in large part because of insufferable poseurs like you who suck all the joy out of this business. All you do is attack and sneer, without offering any substance or insight.
    As I’ve said before, to succeed in advertising, you either have to deal with a**holes – or become one. Copyranter is proof positive of that.
    To David, Danny and the powers that be at Adpulp: Sorry this got so ugly so quickly. Copyranter, you would do well to read Adpulp to see how truly entertaining and informative an advertising blog can be.

  14. No worries, Carl. You’ve been leaving well-constructed commentary here for many moons, for which we thank you.
    This other guy’s schtik grew tiresome in a matter of minutes.

  15. Considering I brought Copyranter to Adpulp’s attention, I felt a certain responsibility to defend him, a responsibility I now shirk. Also, I do come with subtitles but most people find it distracts them from the plot and character development.

  16. Carl LaFong says:

    I don’t blame you for sticking up for the guy, Ben. Truth be told, I felt like I might have gone a little too far at first; I thought perhaps my initial criticism was a little too harsh. Now I see I was closer to the truth than I realized. For someone who is as fabulously successful as Copyranter proclaims himself to be, I don’t understand why he is so bitter and angry.
    But that’s all water under the bridge now. Time we all moved on to more productive discussions.
    By the way, Ben, nice line about the subtitles.

  17. It’s nice to realize I’m not the only one with such a lowly opinion of that guy. He dumped all over a Skoda campaign (I had nothing to do with it, and tend to agree it’s not the most brilliant then). But, then? He held up the exact same concept he did “five years ago” as some sort of brilliance.
    When I commented on this being the pot calling the proverbial kettle black, I was suddenly “less than 5’9”, an “anon coward” (even though he’s the one with his back to the camera), and needed to go back to my loser life and career.
    Seems the WOW FACTOR! may have finally found a date. Let’s just hope those two boys don’t breed.