All Bruce All The Time

Sirius, with its multi-channel lineup is able to take a couple of deep dives into the world of a particular artist. In addition to the Boss’ channel, Sirius also offers a Grateful Dead channel.

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  1. Why would anyone, no matter how huge a fan, want to listen to one artist all day, every day. If you are a big fan of that artist, you probably already have their entire catalog on your iPod anyway. So what is the point?

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I think the point is becoming the ultimate audio resource for fans of a certain band, style of music or sport, etc. Sirius isn’t counting on Bruce fans to listen all day long. They’re hoping Bruce fans will buy satellite radio because of this targeted offering. Once you have Sirius, even the most diehard fan will click around and hear what else is available.
    I don’t subscribe to Sirius and don’t feel the need, given that the web provides all the music one could ever want. But as soon as someone offers mobile internet radio streaming, I’ll be all over that. Sirius is close with their mobile player, but it doesn’t receive internet streams. You would think Apple will capitalize. Perhaps they’re woking on it. Someone must be.

  3. Carl LaFong says:

    What, no John Tesh channel?