Agencies In Strange Places: Ninth In A Series

Think Memphis–blues, barbeque, the mighty Mississippi and Elvis. Think Memphis again–Thompson & Company.

Thompson & Company will be a firm that grows by encouraging and developing the personal genius of every employee, to the benefit of every client.

I’d like to show you some of the agency’s print work, but they protect it with Flash. I don’t much like Flash, but I do like smart headlines. Like this one for Georgia Boot, “Handles Anything Farm Life Can Dish Out. Even The Stuff Cows Dish Out.”

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  1. While we’re on the subject of Memphis, the real kick-ass dudes down there are Stinson Liles, Martin Wilford and rest of the gang at Red Deluxe.

  2. Wow, a shout-out from Talent Zoo columnist/underground industry celeb Danny G. What a treat. Thanks, Danny!
    PS – Hey, David… thanks for the nod to Memphis… lots of great work going on down here.
    PPS – And we’ve got cool offices too!

  3. Those are nice offices. Architecture is so critical.