Agencies In Strange Places: Fifth In A Series

We hear it all the time: “How did an agency this good end up in North Ideeho?”
The truth is, Dayne Hanna is originally from New York. Our creative director is from Denver. Many of our creatives have migrated from places like Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, Houston.
Becasue here we water-ski at lunch. We leave our cars unlocked, And, at most, we wear ties once a month. North Idaho is all the things Madsion Avenue wastes half its day dreaming about. So, we’re content to spend our days coming up with big ideas for relatively small clients.
Of course, at our second location on the mean streets of Spokane, we HAVE come fact-to-face with a parking meter. But therapy is helping.

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  1. Carl LaFong says:

    Thanks for continuing to showcase some unjustly overlooked agencies. It’s refreshing to be exposed to good work that we haven’t already seen ad nauseam (pun intended) through the endless cycles of the award show circuit.
    Plus, I am totally crushing on KSV Brand Manager Alison Gilbert.