Agencies In Strange Places: Fourth In A Series

Motivated by Carl LaFong’s generous commentary from earlier today (and the fact that place is ever important in business, as it is in life), we are reinstituting our “Agencies in Strange Places” series.
Today, we invite you to take a closer look at Kelliher Samets Volk in Burlington, VT.

We live in Burlington, Vermont. Lucky us.
In fact, we love the place. We love the look. The history. The architecture. The postcard setting. The people. The buzz. The hip feel. The fries and gravy.
Our city was named after the Earl of Burlington. Isn’t that cool? It is to us anyway.
Burlington, Vermont isn’t for everyone. But it is for us.

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  1. Al Gore says:

    I for one think its great that the internet I created can be a large part of allowing businesses to be successful, no matter where they’re located. We continue to see some great ad agencies, along with other companies located outside of major expensive cities.

  2. Al, I thought you were too busy with Current TV to bother reading blogs.