Agencies In Strange Places: First In A Series

One of my favorite pastimes is railing against elitism, wherever I happen to find it. The ad industry is bloated with it. TV is better than print is better than direct is better than promotions. New York is better than Chicago and L.A., but Minneapolis, Boston and San Francisco are where it’s at. Unless you work in Richmond, Portland or Austin.
Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Bend, Oregon and meeting with the owner of Ralston360, Kevin Archer. Kevin, an art director by trade, fled his native San Francisco ten years or more ago. With a growing family and business in Bend–a beautiful community in central Oregon, nestled against the east side of the Cascades–there’s no reason to look back.
Bend is also home to The Mandala Agency and tbd advertising, where there are “no preconceived ideas.” Uh huh.

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  1. There’s something to be said about the inspiration and mystique of mountains. Look at Riddell Sollitt in Jackson’s Hole. Good agency. Great location. Terrific work that doesn’t require wearing black 24/7 to create it.