Advertising Age Follows My Lead

I said it back in February:

Putting policies and positions aside for this discussion, Barack Obama has created the most sophisticated marketing program I’ve ever seen.

Now, 8 months later, Barack Obama has won Ad Age’s Marketer of The Year.
You want progress? If I do say so myself, I think the writing David & I do on AdPulp is more progressive than anything you’ll find in Ad Age.

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  1. I sure hope what he’s selling turns out to be a quality product.

  2. Like all great ad campaigns, the fine print is fine, and the message is loud and clear. Just like Viagra, an erection lasting more than four hours is a problem… right??!! America needs to get out it’s reading glasses…

  3. Danny G…
    You are one giant MoFo… “Cos you called it early… Never forget I am now a NYC transplant living in Boise, Idaho… And when 14,000 people turned out for an Obama rally in six feet of snow in fucking Idaho in January… I knew this guy had it fucking nailed… Apart from which… Thank God this nation has finaly realized we need someone who isn’t the usual douchenozzle. I just hope he has the world’s biggest security detail looking after him, his wife and his kids… ‘Cos, God knows, there are a lot of very fucking scary people out there.

  4. Gee George,
    that wants to make me vote for Nader again. I mean in sympathy with what michelle and obama’s daughter will have to live through the rest of their life.
    Well, if obama wins, at least i got the medal in my hand as memorabilia from the open water swim where his face –wearing goggles– was all over the medal with the words “swim”. While I agree with Robert here at this link:
    Maybe the tshirt and medal will be worth something in a century or so… or tomorrow if anybody wants to buy it from me now.