Dream On

In 2005, Coca Cola, Speedo and others spent a paltry one million on research into embedding ads in our dreams. eMarketer predicts that companies will be spending more than three billion on in-sleep advertising by 2020.
Here’s how it works (but not really):

All in-sleep subjects have a procedure to implant a nanobot (a tiny robot about the size of a blood cell) into that part of the brain where dreams originate — the pons in the brainstem. Once the chip is in place, it acts something like a wireless base-station, sending and receiving signals from other nanobots.
Before an in-sleep subject goes to bed they put a small device in their ear, not dissimilar to a cochlear implant. When the subject moves into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the implant is triggered (by the increase in delta waves) and a nanobot containing the appropriate advertising message is released into the spiral artery of the ear and down through to the cochlear canal. Once it reaches the blood brain barrier, it is programmed to wirelessly send an electrical signal (the advertisement) to the nanobot located in the pons. That nanobot receives the signal, sources the appropriate neuroreceptor and implants the ad.

How did I not think of that?
If this comes to pass, what else could 2020 have in store for the discriminating consumer? Flying cars for sure. No baldness. Flexibile, rubbery skin, eyesight like hawks, virtual sex that’s better than even the kind of sex that is really, really good?
I can’t wait!

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  1. try again says:

    But do you really think that in 14 years consumers (us) will agree that there’s just not enough hours in the day to absorb all the GREAT advertising?
    HEY, I got it. We can get the general public hooked a on a drug to dumb them down. And the defiant ones that won’t submit? Well, they’ll just go out in the field and be defiant.
    Or out in the field trying to kill the pain.
    But eventually nearly everyone will be dumbed down enough to submit to anything.
    And the one or two that don’t will just hold their head in their hands weeping into a puddle of tears reflecting what they lost.
    Posted by: Nancy on March 31, 2006 12:37 PM

  2. it was actually a natural extension of Coca-Cola’s marketing efforts, considering that most of their ads induce sleep.

  3. You know how the princes and princesses, piests and preistesses of South America got all the lowly natives to build those temples, don’t you? Could be one of the better virals centuries ago that heralded the “energy effects of the coca leaf” and “come work for us” campaign.
    Check it out on the internet.
    Now you gotta wonder what they are putting in your Starbucks, America? And those bucks are going to which stars in these 50 states of mind?
    Oh you silly Apryl Drools! Go celebrate with another frappucino!

  4. Hey, what do you thin all you people sleeping in? Playing a joke on by pointing an arrow to high speed service?