The New York Times examines what can happen when a rad shredder with a savvy business manager (his sister) connects the dots with brands hungry to appeal to Gen Y.

Rolling Stone is joining forces with two of its advertisers, the video game publisher Activision and Jeep, for a promotional program centered on Mr. Hawk, the skateboarding star. He has separate endorsement deals with each brand and also works with both together on video games like Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, which incorporates Jeeps into what players see on screen.
The Rolling Stone program begins with an advertorial section in the Nov. 2 issue, now making its way to newsstands and subscriber mailboxes, and moves onto the Internet with five — count ’em, five — Web sites.
The multimillion-dollar program, which continues through the end of the year, will also be featured in advertorials in three additional issues of Rolling Stone: Nov. 16, Nov. 30 and Dec. 28.

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  1. jonathan says:

    que chido tony hawk estan chidas tus fotos pero chidas heres su per bueno a gregame si tienes msn