Adlandia Is Populated By Bloggers

As you might have noted at one time or another, the AdPulp sidebar is full of links to other ad blogs.
By contrast, The Daily (Ad) Biz is offering a sharply condensed A-list, which you might also find edifying and/or utilitarian.
I like the selections he made, for sure, although if I made such a list, I’d have to include The Denver Egotist, Adverganza, Ouroboros, Scott Goodson, Brains On Fire and Bad Banana Blog.
Whatever the composition of anyone’s list, it is clear that there’s a vibrant ecosystem at work here.

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  1. You’re just writing this because you were number 1. I’m just writing this because I was left off entirely!
    Seriously, nice props from a tough crowd.

  2. The feeling is mutual, David. Thanks for the mention.