ADC Is On To You

At 89 years old, Art Directors Club–“the first international creative collective of its kind”–has been around the block a few times and seen a shenanigan or two. So stopping scam ads shouldn’t be a problem for the group that awards ADC Cubes for “brilliant creative work” each year.
ADC wants to make two points clear:

  • Your secret is not safe with us. If we find an entry to be fake, the agency and client in question will be disqualified. Then, for the first time starting this year, we’ll take the additional step to communicate directly with other industry awards organizations and inform them about the scam ad so they too can be on the lookout and take action. We call upon other awards organizations to reciprocate.
  • ADC realizes some interesting creative ideas never get approved or run. In cases like this, agencies may enter the work in the ADC Annual Awards Playground category, created four years ago specifically for work that for one reason or another never got approved by the client, or never ran.

You heard the women and men, if it’s spec or it didn’t run, it belongs on their “Playground.”

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  • Todd

    Amen. Positive changes IMHO. Take that Singapore.