Act Now And Receive A Free MRE. Operators Are Standing By!

Ok, I watched the President’s speech last night. Did anybody else cringe when he said this:

Many families were separated during the evacuation, and we are working to help you reunite. Please call 1-877-568-3317, that’s 1-877-568-3317, and we will work to bring your family back together, and pay for your travel to reach them.

You know you’ve got a bad speechwriter when he inserts bad radio commercial cliches in there. And couldn’t the leader of the free world get a more memorable phone number to use? You know, like “1-800-4BUSHIE” or something?

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  1. They’d better have vegan MREs. That’s all I’m sayin’. ;P

  2. Cindy Merrill says:

    I have always wondered how an MRE meal would taste like- please send a complete meal to me- with all the items included:
    Cindy Merrill
    535 Madison Ave
    Covington, KY 41011

  3. The government of this country only care about one thing gresing there pockets. The president has a nice house or three good food clean water. And a salery that could make a middle class person choke. Why do these officials make so much money money to sit on there ass and decide what is best for me. It seems to me they are payed to to do what makes them rich. I dont see them with a shovel or work gloves on trying to help. Instead they are sitting in there nice houses telling other people what to do. the president is a joke from the word jump. As are most politicians. they send all our taxes to other countries to help people. Yet in our own country we have millions living in the street. We should help our own first before we try to clean someone elses back yard. But this will never happen because when you say we sent 10 million to tibet what they should say is we sent 10 million to build a cottage in the bahamas so we can live like kings when we are done leaching off our own people. parisites is what a politician is. Sucking the life out of this country.Sad.

  4. Pres. Bush is a good president in many ways i think he is a great pres

  5. i would love to recieve a MRE please send me one i have never tasted one and would love to
    Brandon Burkhart
    111 West L Street
    Elizabethton,TN 37643

  6. Robert Delgado says:

    welll im goin gto boot camp aug 10 . I have joined the us army hoping to be a mp (military poloce) hoorahhhhhhhh
    robert delgado 418 sunnyside dr saint marys,georgia 31558

  7. Shawn Tennison says:

    Please send MRE.
    Shawn Tennison
    2234 N Cederwood Lane
    Springfield MO, 65803
    Just for the record people(all knowing ones,nasayers,and allround smart asses.) not everyone was for, voted for liked or even loved FDR back during W.W.II but everyone had enough love for there country to stand behind there commander and chief. Thier was none of this crap going on like there is now. So while you all are getting so HIGH and mighty just stop and think a minute you might really be hurting the moral of our country. And how about the moral of our fighting men and women keep it up and they wont have any left at all so in their minds they are thinking well what the hell have I got to be fighting for? So you may not like the President so what do you like the country? Get behind the country put down your petty b.s. political differences and let’s make this a country of “One Nation” again.

  8. Graphic design in my part of the country is doing it’s part. Rand’s logo design turned from red to blue all over town.
    How could you get more behind the party with that logo?

  9. of course, I meant from blue to red.
    Once again, excuse my color dyslexia?


    NAUGATUCK ,CT 06770

  12. Branden O'Brien says:

    Please send an MRE. I’ve been thinking about buying some at a local Army Navy surplus store, but I would like to try one first, before I go and buy them. I’d appreciate it.
    Branden O’Brien
    110 NW 17th St
    Ontario, OR 97914
    There are good sides and bad with every president. Sometimes I question what is going on in President Bush’s head. What leads him to make these decisions? I’m sure that he’s got his reasons. I’ve also noticed that his choice of words and the way he says some things seem odd. I think he should work on that. I’m all for winning this war. After all, if we start something, we better finish it. But, at the same time, I believe that we should end this war. President Bush needs to seriously think about the problems within OUR OWN country. We need to preserve OUR nation. Not try to fix the problems in other countries. I’m confused on the matter. If only we knew more about what has happened over the past many years, we could see the events in history that have led us to the situation that we are in now. History is all cause and effect. What was the cause? And now…What is the solution?

  13. Branden O'Brien says:

    I have plans to join the National Guard, in the not so distant future, and I want to let all who read this and may be considering joining any of the armed services know that before you join, give it some serious thought. Is it right for you? What do you hope to gain from it? I believe that if you are looking toward a career…Go Guard! I reccomend the National Guard, but that’s just me. Look inside yourself and figure out what it is that YOU want in life.

  14. Christopher Ramos says:

    I was just looking for more people with my name
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  15. don hoover says:

    please send me a mre id like to see if the are any good
    don hoover
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  16. Chris Sessions says:

    I am interested in finding out more about MRE’s. I had tried one about 15 years ago… Oh, now that was not a taste I care to try again. I hear they are much better now. I would love to try the new ones before going out and purchasing any.
    Chris Sessions
    1105 Manson St
    Wausau, WI 54403

  17. Johua Morris says:

    it would be great to recive a MRE i have been planing on buying some but id like to try it out before getting any. ive been told by friends there a whole lot better then those Backpacker’s Pantry and those Mountian House meals you get at rei and stuff.
    Joshua Morris
    1130 White Rock Rd #102
    El Dorado Hills,CA 95762

  18. Robert Baldwin says:

    please send me a mre because Im going on a camping trip with my class in two weeks and my mom doesn’t have money to buy me food for it or winter clothing. I will be very happy if you send me some mre.

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  20. Stephanie Valle says:

    I will be joining the United States Marine Corps, and before I enter, I would like to know how to properly prepare and eat and MRE. I have seen how-to videos, but personal hands-on experience is always best. Thank you for your time and efforts.

    Stephanie Valle
    P.O. BOX 2006
    Culpeper, Virginia 22701-3141

    (901) 351-1096