Ability To Remain Sober At Annual Holiday Party Highly Desired

from USA TODAY: “Shots foster a fraternity atmosphere. Wall Street loves them because they spice up the party, but it makes it seem like the company is encouraging people to get trashed,” said Howard Givner, president of Manhattan event planner Paint the Town Red.
A survey done in 2003 of 1,500 employees by U.K. recruiter Office Angels showed that 68% of Britons dropped a conversational clunker at a holiday party.
Among the things staff remember saying to their colleagues: “I’m glad we chatted tonight because I didn’t like you when I first met you” and “I’ve been stalking you like a lion stalks an antelope.”
Bosses remember, too: 92% said they recalled their employees’ remarks.

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  1. If I remember correctly, Christmas parties were good for something else besides drinking. Lots of employee “bonding”.