Abercrombie’s Top Dude Doesn’t Do Ugly

Benoit Denizet-Lewis for Salon: Mike Jeffries, the 61-year-old CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, is the Willie Wonka of the fashion industry. A quirky perfectionist and control freak, he guards his aspirational brands and his utopian chocolate factory with a highly effective zeal. Those who have worked with him tend to use the same words to describe him: driven, demanding, smart, intense, obsessive-compulsive, eccentric, flamboyant and, depending on whom you talk to, either slightly or very odd. “He’s weird and probably insane, but he’s also unbelievably driven and brilliant,” says a former employee at Paul Harris, a Midwestern women’s chain for which Jeffries worked before becoming CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch in 1992.
Examples of his strange behavior abound. According to Business Week, at A&F headquarters Jeffries always goes through revolving doors twice, never passes employees on stairwells, parks his Porsche every day at the same angle in the parking lot (keys between the seats, doors unlocked), and has a pair of “lucky shoes” he wears when reading financial reports.
His biggest obsession, though, is realizing his singular vision of idealized all-American youth. He wants desperately to look like his target customer (the casually flawless college kid), and in that pursuit he has aggressively transformed himself from a classically handsome man into a cartoonish physical specimen: dyed hair, perfectly white teeth, golden tan, bulging biceps, wrinkle-free face, and big, Angelina Jolie lips.
When I ask him how important sex and sexual attraction are in what he calls the “emotional experience” he creates for his customers, he says, “It’s almost everything. That’s why we hire good-looking people in our stores. Because good-looking people attract other good-looking people, and we want to market to cool, good-looking people. We don’t market to anyone other than that.”
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  1. OMG That article was awesome! Gotta love him. LoL.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    Hey Everyone,
    I just wanted to say that I used to work at Abercrombie and Fitch at the winter of 2001 when I was just 18 years old. It is very apparent that these places like Abercrombie and Fitch do hire their employees based on looks. Prior to and little while at working at Abercrombie & Fitch I heard about a half dozen comments on modeling or related to modeling. I was even told I had that Abercrombie & Fitch look. About the second time that I ever stepped foot into an Abercrombie store I was approached within minutes by a brand rep. and he had asked me if I was interested in becoming a brand rep. So he had given me an application and told me to apply as a brand rep. within a week I had gotten a call and the mananger “interviewied” me and another brand rep. potential. Althought it was not really an interview. Both managers and had just told us how to dress and that we would get about 50% percent off of 4 items per season. And he had said it was mandatory that we actually dress for work everytime. So I was cool with it.
    But it is pretty darn obvious that these companies do hire forlooks and not just Abercrombie alone. So it’s not fair at all just to pick on one sole company. Besides them I had walked into another upscale clothing boutique known as EXPRESS MENS and within minutes a manager from that store asked me if I was also interested in working for them as well. But I was annoyed at these offers and declined them.
    Around the summer of 2004, I had the great pleasure of meeting Playboy Model and Playmate of the Year of 1994 Jenny McCarthy and apparently she told me upon meeting me that she thought I was pretty cute.
    By the time I as 18 let alone 21 yearsof age I have heard pretty much everything a guy could hear on his looks from everything from older, younger people from different ethnicities, races, colors and creeds such as Africans, Asians, Caucasions, and Hispanics/Latins. I have comments such as :
    you’re so cute, very cute, really cute, cutie,handsome, so handsome, very handsome,adorable, sexy, stud, stud muffin, hot, hottie, hot stuff, pretty looking, pretty boy, beautiful looking, beautiful face, pretty eyes, and a cute butt, lol to have you ever considered modeling and so forth.
    On the female front, lol, i haave heard things such asL
    This girl wants you, this girl likes you, this wants to sleep with you, this girl thinks you’re cute, that girl is checking you out and apparently to my surprise I even had a girl ask another girl why she hyperventilated everytime she saw me
    I have even been checked out in the oddest places or even been complimented on my looks such as hospitals and an even an airport, lol.
    I have even heard the oddest comments that I thought women only heard, lol such as:
    “With looks like that you’re still shy?”
    “Do you have any siblings as good looking,cute or as handsome as you?”
    “Trust me with a face like that, we would never forget you.”
    “With looks like that you could get anyone up.”
    “I bet you still totope to look like that in 10 years.”
    “You fit this pretty profile.”
    “You have a beautiful face.”
    And so forth! My point is not to sit here and just talk about my. But if all this was said to you and you worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, most likely every other employee has heard stuff like that before.
    But I am proud of my actual compliments, to me everyone in this world is good looking and sexy and not just people who work at Abercrombie. I think Im ok looking and I am confident in my personality and how I treat others with respect. Thanks

  3. LOL. Dude all you did was brag about how attractive you are. I mean you just couldnt stop. Im a manager at A&f and if we had a guy like you I can almost promise you that you would be put on call once a week and never actually called in. You know all about how that works huh? I bet that happened to you too huh? HA. so CHEEEEAP!

  4. Once upon a time (not long ago, actually)…
    I was a recruiter at A&F. One of the reasons I got out (besides the fact that it wasn’t all that…um…stimulating) was the obsession with physical appearances. It all just seemed a little shallow.
    BUT… I can’t fault Jeffries for the idea. It works. They spend very little on traditional advertising. They’ve got huge support in certain demos. And…as far as I can tell, they’ve built the empire by hiring “great-looking” kids, most of whom are popular and are the trend-setters in their peer groups.
    While it’s shallow and a little rude, it works.

  5. Abercrombie’s top dude doesn’t do ugly? Judging by his photo his does it quite well. I am sure he wouldn’t get hired in his own store. Yeesh!

  6. I used to work for him 20+ years ago in the accounting office at Alcott & Andrews. All I can say is that I dont even think Barry Bonds head filled out as much in those 20 years. Driven or not, he was a freak then, and he appears to be one still.

  7. As far as common sense is concerned, A&F isn’t even WORTH being judged. Unlike the somewhat-spoiled thirteen-year-olds who love to dwell on trivial matters all day (and waste money at A&F), I’d rather look at the clothes ITSELF instead of the employees marketing them.
    The quality of the clothes is average, yet the price skyrockets. Of course, since A&F is a ‘brand name item’, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be costly. All I can say is, I would only put up A&F if the quality and design of the clothes can distract me from their ignorant hiring attitude.

  8. OK, for all of you dumbasses that think this guy is cool, he’s a 61 year old self-centered and egotisical retard. First of all, he wants our “youth” to look in this idealized way he thought up in his head. Now, I’m sure Mike Jeffries played an important role in shaping our society to be the lousy piece of shit that it is now. I thought US was supposed to be a free country and expression of diversity, yet this stupid 61 year old geezer thinks he can just come in and decide what is “cool” for all the little kids out there who try oh so desperately to be cool and fit in. Personally, I really don’t see the so-called “brilliance” behind this asshole and his medicore clothing line.

  9. i also use to work at A&F during the quarterly days… and anybody who bragged EXSSIVELY like that.. instantly got fired for something stupid they would make up , put in the back everytime they worked , or ALL call in shifts like you said Lol..

  10. wtf.. i just posted that… this site is being weird.. and its saying posted by kelli wtf.. i got some error message then it sayd that.. weird..

  11. I worked for A&F and lasted 2 days, will never go back into that store, maybe it was just too cool for me, or that I don’t care for being a walking advertisement. Their clothes are overpriced garbage and they don’t pay their “brand reps”. I hadn’t made that little since I was 15. Looking at the pictures it’s obvious that the CEO is in his own messed up world. It’s time for him to get old and start acting his age.

  12. Christian Youssef says:

    I cant believe I even stumbled on this webpage but I must admit, I’m happy I did because its hilarious. I worked at Abercrombie and I’m not gonna lie, it kinda made me obsessed with the clothing because in all honesty, its the most well-trimmed clothing with the coolest style among all other stores. The personna it sells is extremely attractive and it is in fact ingenius, but on a more important note,…and I’m not hating here, but undeniably, this guy Jeffries is the closest thing to Hitler promoting the Aryan race!!! I mean God knows we’re all naturally more attracted to good-looking people…thats only fair to say, but this guy seems like he’s not even human. From the words that have been quoted from this man, it seems to me that his soul is cold and he didnt get much maturation out of those sixty-one years on this planet. I mean, seriously, what really supports the Hilter comparison was the fact that Hitler was obsessed with what he was not. He wasn’t a non-Jew, he wasn’t blonde, and he wasn’t really Aryan. Mr. Jeffries ISNT YOUNG, Isnt in college, isnt Blonde, Isnt SANE!!! But I guess it takes a friek of his nature to make Abercrombie as untouchable as it is.

  13. Joe Tamburello says:

    YOU GUYS NEED TO ALL GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! Abercrombie is for annorexic, self important pricks!!! You all need to take a look around and realize this big big world doesn’t revolve around you assholes and your looks!!

  14. yeah all you guys are really prick abercrombie is for gay men hahahahahaha besides there cloths SUCK!!!!

  15. ugly people

  16. I didnt find Abercrombie to be racist at all. I too was walking one day and was approached by a scout, i guess he noticed my yale sweat shirt, he asked if i needed a job, to make a long story short, a few weeks later i was working the floors of A&F. I am of mixed race, white/black, i dont feel that i was treated any less that other individuals. Or maybe i got special treatment because i was from yale and i had green eyes with curly hair, or they simply didnt know i was black. whatever the case is A&F are potraying the wrong message to these kids in society. the world is not made up young gorgeous arians, thats just not the way the world works.

  17. bobobolinski says:

    my question is:
    why is Mike Jeffries so ugly and still allowed to own the place? By his own criteria he should be out looking for a job.

  18. abercrombie is awsome, i love worken there. if ur ugly then u hate it, but if ur beauitiful like us then u love it. i never want to quit and i loooooooove it so mcuh.

  19. k, well your definiteley a big time freak, like get a frickin life, its a damn CLOTHING line? who goddamn cares?

  20. MANDYAMANDA says:

    oh jesus i work at abercrombie and its the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen. the clothes are mothafuckin gay as hell. and kelly M your a fucking retard.

  21. I personally like Abercrombie clothes, however its an opinion that just adds to this page of “Haters” and “Lovers”. I think we all know that some are going to like and some will dislike but one thing is for sure, this guy Benoit is a nutcase. On hte contrary anyone that drives a Porsche is okay in my book =]. Ohhh and fuck that bob guy who thinks he is “Mr Gourgeous”
    anyone who needs to type a full page of compliments to prove his point needs some self confidence.

  22. Hey all, and haha… Bob Smith (that actually sounds made up) you really do need to quit building yourself up. Who did you think would actually benefit from reading your post? I’m a guy, I model, and I’ve heard all that too, haha…I just don’t write it down to remind myself of when it actually occured. And put up a picture next time and let people see the real you buddy 🙂 I’m almost positve it’s not that impressive.
    And I work for Abercrmobie in Canada, and yes we hire good looking people, and yes the things that the managers say in the back about who they hire would get people fired, but I really don’t think that it’s really any different from any other store. Sure they throw their good looking stuff out there more than say Target, but it is a great marketing tool. I do however think their catlogues are friggen aweful and exploit young people… not cool Mike Jeffries. The company needs work in that respect, but then again, what company doesn’t?

  23. AF is STRANGE
    Did you know that their photographer Bruce Weber
    is a OLD GAY weirdo?
    Go to http://www.BruceWeber.com and you will see he is
    into boys butts.
    Go Abercrombie

  24. this is great says:

    ok, check it out….im 17…i dont work at abercrombie…i would love to, but yea whatever..umm…im gunna just open up here and ask a question…..is it wrong of me to want to look like an abercrombie model…is it wrong for a guy in high school to want to look hott?…i mean…sometimes i feel a little shallow…but everytime i walk into AF i get this deep jealosy for those people on the posters..i see guys with 6 pacs and all that stuff, andf i eman…i look good and everything….but i dont have a 6 pac…workin on that…but im just struggling here a little…is it shallow or self centered of me to want to look good?..im not saying that i want to be part of the owners “race” of gorgeous young ppl…at least not by his staandards…he is a freak….wtf?…who does that? really……i mean….yea its a cool brand and all, but get a life….so…any help here would be great…thnaks

  25. Uh-oh, u meanin’ to tell me Abercrombie doesn’t hire black ppl? I just went for an interview with them. I’m afraid I won’t get the job. I’m cute and everything, but there are some pretty unnattractive people working there where I live.

  26. i think it is wrong u only hire attractive people

  27. Sean from Tororonto says:

    The best thing to do is get a real career (like lawyer or doctor), then sleep with the minimum-wage hotties who work at A&F. Most attractive guys I know are usually pretty vain, vacuous and boring, but DAMMNN, they look good naked!

  28. Rather interesting how this discussion actually attracted a lot of people who work at Abercrombie. So, here are my two cents. I work at A&F in Canada, and frankly, at the end of the day, it’s just a job, like most other part-time retail jobs. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s not all bad. Much like the clothes- some I love, some are not nearly worth the money. But I have been wondering for a while who is the ‘brains behind the operation’ and I can’t say I’m impressed. Mike Jeffries, stop trying to be a teenager. You’re a few decades too late and frankly, you look utterly ridiculous. Instead, listen to the suggestions from your employees on how to improve the workplace and the brand, instead of bleaching your teeth for the upteenth time.
    And a note to the haters: Seriously, you’re all spewing the same inane stereotyping bullshit. NO, the clothes aren’t all crap. Some are actually great- the cut and the quality. And NO, the kids who work there are not all self-centered, rich, haughty, anorexic assholes. Trust me, if we were rich, would we REALLY be working for minimum wage? Don’t think so. Since when are people set upon for taking care of themselves and their bodies, and since when is being both good-looking and smart muturally exclusive? At our store there’s plenty of diversity, both in the clientelle and in the employees. And I mean diversity in colour, in gender, in sexual orientation, in educatinal levels, in linguistic abilities, in whatever else have you.
    So, reign in the criticism, or if you MUST criticise, try and do it intelligently. Somehow the barb “yeah all you guys are really prick abercrombie is for gay men hahahahahaha besides there cloths SUCK!!!!” has about the same offensive effect as white noise.

  29. I typed in search for “Abercrombie & Fitch clothing is shit.”
    This site came up.
    As I said, their clothing is shit – the work of a looney.

  30. Jeff Smith says:

    Abercrombie is for good looking people only which is only far and between

  31. Okay so heres my two cents of my expirence and my thought of how this company runs, first the rush of working there does make u change your image, when I started working there I wore nothing but xl cloths from a skate shop, but obviously switch to xl sale shirts from abercrombie. and by the end of working of that store, I walked out A fit, clean cut, fitted cloths of somewhat as they call “model” but I wondered how the hell did I transformed into this, I dont barley remember the process of changes of the period I worked there. Well after doing some thinking and anaylizing. I figured that abercrombie does not make their money from there cloths (well in reality yes $$$) but they make money off there employees.
    Anyone who has been to an inteview have all heard this “We want pepole who are loud” Loud? why is it so important for thier employees to be loud? Then after going to a couple abercrombie parties and making all new friends(employees) I just stoped and looked around at everyone at the party. And you know when u go to a typical party and there always that one person there who is “loud” and the life of the party. At these abercrombie parties it looked like all these pepole(employees) were that one person. And then it hit me. They want to hire pepole who are loud, because they know loud pepole who live in the area are mostly loud because they have confidence, probably cause they have good looks or many friends. Then that lead on to the next thing “Friends”. So if u were the loud one that everyone liked and worked at abercrombie. Wouldnt their friends say ” hey doesnt so whats his name work at abercrombie and fitch lets go visit him” bingo target, and that how the company captures more customers to come in. And lets say of those group of friends come in to the store to visit thier hot friend, who may be a hot girl. Im sure her friends will see hot guys working there and would like to come back to this store for more then one reason. and the same would go for the guys if it was switched around to go visit there bro and see how many hot girls work there. So in my two cents there is a reason why they hire good looking pepole not just cause there good looking, but also they bring home the bacon for Mr. Jeffries, and also by working there and haning with other pepole who work there will drag u in and motivate u into the life style of A&F.

  32. Firstly, I would like to start off by saying that Abercrombie and Abercrombie & Fitch is more than just a clothing store it’s a LIFESTYLE. Lets face it, with out Abercrombie there would be no one to set the trend for the latest casual and classic cool fashions. For all of you A&F bashers out there all I can say is get a life, I mean seriously if you dont like the style simply dont wear it duh? Really though it gets really annoying when the same people say how horrable Abercombie is. Just because you cant fit into the clothes or are to ugly to pull the look off it isnt A&F’s fault. So lets face it Abercrombie is at the top right now…above aero, ae, hot topic, old navy ect. So what im trying to say is dont be jelous that you dont have the ABERCROMBIE LIFESTYLE…like I said if you have a problem with the store go to an off brand store like hot topic and put a dog leash around your neck make your self look like an outkast its what makes us “Aberzombies” laugh..yes thats right your out entertaiment. In the end it comes down to you just shouldnt talk badly about Abercrombie because it wont ever get you any where in life anyways….Mike Jeffries has worked his ass off to get where he is today and he has alot to show for it…more than you anyways. So go ahead and where the cheap aero clothes, or the ae style, or if u want to get low enough pimp that hot topic store, make your self look like a freak…its like supporting broken cause because those stores or nothing compared to crombie (not even close). So in conclusion i would just like to state that Abercrombie & Fitch is growing it will now soon have five differant branches. (Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Abercrombie, Rhuel and Concept 5. Expect to see more of those HOT marketing pictures expect to see a abercrombie store every where you turn your head because thats whats coming your just going to have to get used to it. Thanks Bitches 😉

  33. Personally i hate A&F. i will go in there to buy there cologne but nothing else. I hate when u walk in the store and become choked by the over whelming smell. The greaters suck. They never greet me when i enter the store and im not gunna lie im a pretty good looking guy. i feel that the A&F crew stick there noses up and try and make it seem that there better then you. I hate how you have all these little teeny boppers running round with skimpy clothes on thinking that they have to shop there to be cool. The prices are another thing. there ridicious. whos gunna go in a store and spend 50 dollers on a polo. not me. Another thing i hate how they decided that it would be cool to call the associates “models” like there something special. i have went in many A&F stores and not always seen the best looking people working there. but i guess if your “perfect” and you have that “all-american look” to you then your hired. i just think that they try to hard to sell there clothing. i will admit that i have bought a few t-shirts from there and they didnt last. they would rip and were so thin i felt like i was naked. there clothes suck. Personally i would never work there only because they want you to be something your not. You can only wear certain outfits. you cant have facial hair or have piercings or ne thing. you have to be all clean cut. thats bs. everyone should have the oppertunity to be yourself not how someone else tells you how to be. I dont know why im wasting my time typeing this shit. i just found this website and decided to take my anger out. i work at AE and i love it there because you can be your own person and not what someone else wants you to be. LOL The models r good to look at though.
    P.S Mike Jeffries is ridicious and needs to act his age. He needs to stop acting like a teenager. He doesnt even look real. He actaully scares me when i look at him. What some people will do just to try and look good. LOL

  34. I dunno what all yall are talking about but I had a great time working there. Meet some awesome people that were just like me. Meet a great awesome girl who I still remain friends with until this day. I mean for some people I can understand why this store isnt for them, I mean hey I dont got into Hot Topic or anything like but but those clothes just arent for me, Abercrombie’s clothes are the ones I like. I mean come on all yall are complaining because you think everybody that shops there is just trying to be the same and we are all sheep and blah blah blah. Ok so look at Mike, he is doing exactly what he wants and could give a damn what yall think, yup seems pretty sheepy to me. Just let everyone be there damn selves and quit worrying about it…and you know what i hope they get rid of all the ugly ass people in the stores…..cause let me tell you i wanna buy clothes that old fatty is wearing over there cause it really looks good on her….ABERCROMBIE IS A LIFESTYLE….CHECK OUT MY PROOF

  35. brittany finney says:


  36. I work at Abercrombie and have worked there for almost a year now. One thing I have noticed is: The mood of the store changes depending on the manager that is working that day. Some days the store is very full of life, and almost like a party, because the manager is laid back. However, other days it feels like you are a slave. Some managers really get power trips pushing people around. Makes me sick.
    As far as people hating on Abercrombie, I see why. The guy who is the big boss, the old dude, he seems like a jerk. A few of the people that work at my store were talking about how weird we all think he is one day. Kinda funny if you think about it. LOL.
    However, Abercrombie isn’t just about clothes. It is something closer to a “lifestyle.” However, I don’t think that is the right word. I think the word to use is: “image.” It is the “image” that spills over into other areas of life. For some people that work at the store I work at, working at Abercrombie makes them feel like a superstar and celebrity. While most of the people at my store like working there, some people are obsessed. (Truth be told: They would probably sleep there if they could.)
    However, Abercrombie is kind of a magnet for a certain type of guy and girl to come in the store. And I have to say, honestly, I’ve met tons of women at the store then I have at any night club. Kuddos to A&F for being a great avenue for meeting new good looking people. However, shame on them for paying their staff so crappy. (And don’t think that the discount is THAT great. It isn’t. Those 4 “50 off” items per season are only on “selected” items and it is usually stuff that looks ugly and nobody would pay full price for anyways
    It isn’t everything it is cracked up to be. However, it isn’t hell either. It is average.
    Change the name to Average and Fitch.

  37. Educated America says:

    The wonderful men and women behind all of these corporations have every intention of breeding shallow, callous teenagers/ young adults. Honestly, none of that matters. It’s nice to be attractive, it’s nice to recieve attention from the opposite sex, but it certianly is not everything. If you live a life based soley of appearences then when you leave the world the only thing people will be able to remember about is the countless hours you spent admiring yourself in the mirror. Whether it be politics, music, spirituality, journalism, law studies, pick something to give your life meaning, because being pretty doesn’t matter when you’re dead. Racist? No, just so long as your good looking. Because whose to say that only white people can be beautiful? In my experiences, the most beautiful people have the most pathetic and unclimactic converstaions because it’s all that they can think about.
    Also, in the world of art and design, you will find many gay men. It’s not uncommon, and since we’re being shallow here, they’re better looking than most straight men.
    History is bound to repeat itself. This CEO doesn’t sound a bit like Adolf Hitler.

  38. Greeter1892 says:

    AF Racist not really. Three other fellow greeters at my store are black and have been there forever one since like 00. Most of the people on here are probably complaining because they applied at AF and got denied or had a bad experience and didnt have the experience they wanted while being in AF.
    And you’re complaining about AF now..
    You really would have been complaining back when i first started in 02.

  39. hello i love a&f the clothes is soooo cool and cumfer… i love the way people react to it i want this to be a ever lasting brand

  40. I agree with Greeter1892. && there`s black people working in the A&F near me.

  41. Abercrombie and Fitch is the Jesus.

  42. I use to work at A&F. Like someone had stated before. It is full of diversity. So far every A&F store I’ve walked into doesn’t always have attractive ppl. And yes they don’t only hire white humans :). They have ppl of different races, ethnicity, backgrand, religion etc. I actually met ppl who couldn’t relate or fit with the A$F crew. They simply were working for obvious reasons like in desperate need of a job due to financial reasons rather then wasting more time. Someone stated that A&F is going to grow. Beleive me it will eventually die and another brand will take postion #1. There is just too much competition. Appearantly we do get tired of normality and seek out for change. I am actually one of those few who quickly move on to other things when I see that a brand becomes too popular or even overrated.

  43. dont worry abot it says:

    k so i work at A&F and shut up all u ppl. yea they try to hire all the good looking people but theres a few that just dont fit in..and thats only cuz there is only so many god damn good looking people out there. theres any race u can actualyl think of and our shirtless greeter is actually a black kid. hes hot. and all u ppl talking shit are just mad cuz u cant get a job there and mad cuz those clothes dont fit u right u get nasty fat bulging out from everywhere…im sry but theres those of us that love the clothes cuz it just fit us so freaking good. theres plenty of hot guys and girls, and most of the ppl are really nice…and friendly. i am friendly and nice and fun. im not tall and anorexic..im thin but still healthy…honestly i would personally feel insulted if ugly ppl work in that store. if u dont like these clothes and the ppl that work there then dont fucking work there…get a job at ur own shithole where they hire u for being ugly and looking liek a dog dressed u. personally im pretty damn smart so the dumb minimum wage hotties thing abot A&F models is not true. yea we make minimum wage but we make it by chillen and talking to friends while working….its easy money and were still in school were not looking for stressful money making obsessive jobs wit which u have no life after being hired there.while u weirdos make another dollar more for washing the floors at k-mart or something like that or for smelling like fried food at mac donalds when ur done working, im making mimimum to walk around and have fun…i beat u. at least i have a life besides working..even when working..i make my own schedule i can call out when i need to…while other ppl’s schedule is set a month ahead and they cant do shit abot it. being good looking is not a crime. and thank god A&F appreciates it and sets good looking people apart. persnally cuz of my looks i get away wit everyhitng…free food..discounts…cops…u name it…to all the ugly girls…sry that ur bf turns his head around to look at hot girls WHILE ur wit him…i guess id talk shit abot good looking girls and A&F if i was u too…thanks god i dont need to worry abot that..and to all the ugly guys who wanna be the hott A&F boy..or wanna get wit one of the hott girls…settle for wat u can get…and let us settle for wat we should get. being ugly is not a crime…god made ugly ppl so good looking ppl stand out and are appreciated..made poor so rich no wat they got..life is not fair..and talking shit abot ppl that have wat u dont have makes u worst then them tlaking abot themselves. i have fat friends and im kool wit them cuz they no wat they look like and dont talk shit abot skinny ppl….i hate when fat girls go REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES..wtf??? real women are 250 lbs is wat ur trying to say…go run once in a while eat helthy or do something wit ur life…the only fat ppl i accept is the ones that have a health problem..the rest can do something abot it but chose not to…
    STOP HATING AND WORK WIT WAT U GOT. LOOKS DO MATTER AND PERSONALITY TOO!! thats why A&F wants ppl wit a certain look and a fun outgoing personality too. c its not just one..both things count…i personally dont go for a guy thats just hot and no personality …i go for the guy thats hot and has a personality. A&F IS A LIFESTYLE AND I LOVE IT! at least we look clean cut and human like..not liek a dog..or a bum!! THANKS BYE( ppl getme so mad i actually wasted 10 mins typing this..but w/e i wanna tell the opinion of a current employee)

    • Prettygirlrocklele says:

      Ok ‘don’t worry about it’ shesh!! Were do I start ? Well I’ll start by saying OMG! did u really just write ALL OF THAT TO GET NO POINT!?!?! well I get that all races have there cute fit people , and that’s about where I stopped , lol im I’m only 12 but I have WAYY more COMMON SENCE than u , now I don’t mean to trash u or whatever but WOW !! all I have to say is Hun , get a clue , get a life and PLEASE !! get out more , cuz in the REAL world people won’t take ur shit  adios

    • 1) You are not smart. 2) You are a blemish on the ass of this society no matter how “pretty” you think you are. 3) Do your society a favor, in addition to being so gorgeous, find a bridge, jump.

  44. yeah ive been working at an ANF all thru college since 2004 and ive never felt discriminated..im hispanic and im brown skin brn hair and eyes…my family’s from Brazil..i am a model on the floor..i actually worked at a few different stores…its a pretty diverse company guys…all kinds of kids work on the floor as well as in the back..its just a big rumor that white kids on the floor and diverse kids in the back…not true at all..Me being hired before the 2005 Class Action Law suit proves that that lawsuit was false..yeah abercrombie definately hires goodlooking people..but its a business and store experience is what they depend on for people to shop there…its not an abercrombie problem its a social one…anf doesnt advertise…so yeah…sorry if ur unattractive and didnt get hired there..

  45. yeah ive been working at an ANF all thru college since 2004 and ive never felt discriminated..im hispanic and im brown skin brn hair and eyes…my family’s from Brazil..i am a model on the floor..i actually worked at a few different stores…its a pretty diverse company guys…all kinds of kids work on the floor as well as in the back..its just a big rumor that white kids on the floor and diverse kids in the back…not true at all..Me being hired before the 2005 Class Action Law suit proves that that lawsuit was false..yeah abercrombie definately hires goodlooking people..but its a business and store experience is what they depend on for people to shop there…its not an abercrombie problem its a social one…anf doesnt advertise…so yeah…sorry if ur unattractive and didnt get hired there..

  46. yeah ive been working at an ANF all thru college since 2004 and ive never felt discriminated..im hispanic and im brown skin brn hair and eyes…my family’s from Brazil..i am a model on the floor..i actually worked at a few different stores…its a pretty diverse company guys…all kinds of kids work on the floor as well as in the back..its just a big rumor that white kids on the floor and diverse kids in the back…not true at all..Me being hired before the 2005 Class Action Law suit proves that that lawsuit was false..yeah abercrombie definately hires goodlooking people..but its a business and store experience is what they depend on for people to shop there…its not an abercrombie problem its a social one…anf doesnt advertise…so yeah…sorry if ur unattractive and didnt get hired there..

  47. Mike Jeffries is guilty of second degree ASSHOLISM! says:

    A&F is the most horrible, shallow, and fascist company in existance today. Mike Jeffries is a youth-obsessed lunatic who has too many facelifts to even count.
    My first job out of college was as a Management Trainee at the local A&F. I remember when the Corporate Recruiter for A&F showed up at the local fraternity and sorority watering hole near campus and began chatting us up about jobs. I had shopped at A&F before it was really popular (back when my Dad still bought his ties and dress pants there) and thought it might not be bad. I took the job there, later was a Store Manager, and then even later was moved to the Home Office in a buying position (this is back when A&F still had it’s office in Reynoldsburg, OH and still shared a building with the Victoria’s Secret Corporate office).
    Mike is a slimy, disgusting individual who values people for all the wrong reasons. Whenever he would touch you in a meeting when he was walking around his office, like just a pat on the back, you just wanted to go home and bathe in boiling hot water and bleach because you just felt so dirty and violated.
    The director of stores at A&F is a short, bald fat-fuck who I will just call “Dave” to protect the absolutely guilty. My head buyer I worked for who I will just call “Ann” was a fantastic cunt who deserves to die in a firey car crash.
    I worked for the company for a total of about 3 years and at the time thought I was really hot shit but now I realize how dilussional I was… and that is just how Mike and the other folks at Assholecrombie & Felch like it.
    Reality would mean that all of those people on that big, sprawling corporate campus would have to address the fact that most of them suck at life, and while the company is very successful it is morally bankrupt. The only thing that many of the “kids” (what Mike calls the employees)have is some stupid moose, seagull, or the Ruehl bulldog as a monument to anything they have done with their lives.
    It’s all really so sad, and even sadder is the fact that it is all so easy to get caught up in. I hope Mike Jeffries burns in hell when he dies. It would be the ultimate joy of joys to watch that hideous ass face of his melt like Tupperware in a microwave.

  48. Mike Jeffries is making money from other peoples insecurities. He is a businessman and knows how to make money.
    He is not forcing people to buy these clothes just fools them into believing they need them.

  49. I find it funny everyone’s talking about Abercrombie like it’s the most expensive brand out there…
    Go check out something other than a mall brand…you ignorant little idiots…THEN you’ll see overpriced clothing.
    And you know what? At the end of the day, it’s just fucking clothing. It isn’t a lifestyle, it isn’t trying to bury foreign people…christ, it’s just clothes!

  50. lacoste kicks abercrombies ass! and anyways…what kind of name is abercrombie…sounds really gay to me. Hey guys I’m wearing “ABERCROMBIE” and Oh My God! I just got my hair died blonde…like Ryan Seacreast the faggizoid!
    I got an abercrombie shirt and the next day when I wore it I got like three people asking me how old that polo was! Oh guys it’s not old…it’s intentionally made to look worn down…yeah they hired some child factory workers in asia to put holes in my pants! The polos fit makes you look buffer…so I guess that means wearing those polos is just like wearing a sleeveless shirt. And for some weird reason I see people that wear sleeveless shirts in public places kinda insecure….

  51. dont worry abot it; I had to reply to your post, (yes, I actually could understand it. I realize that you are “pretty damn smart”, but this was not evident in your spelling). You seem a little touched in the head. Although you seem to think that being good looking entitles one to more in life (“and let us settle for wat we should get”, “god made ugly ppl so good looking ppl stand out and are appreciated”)…. it really doesn’t. That’s like saying people of a certain ethnicity are more valuable. Your statements, especially the one that I just mentioned, make you look like a complete asshat. God didn’t create anyone to spend their life servicing another human being. Surprising that you even believe in God with an attitude like the one you display. And as for getting everything free because of your looks…You just perpetuate the myth that attractive women don’t really have to work to achieve things. Thanks. I’m glad that Abercrombie hired you for your “fun outgoing personality.” You sound like a real winner.

  52. hello everyone. my name is michael and I wanted to post my own comment. generally it seems either people love or hate it so far. I’m pretty neutral on the subject. I do like their clothes, but do recognize that most are severely overpriced. I’m black and I’m not like super model status, but far from unattractive. I look the part I suppose. I’m very welcoming, and take time to say hello to the store models when I shop there. I frequently get asked by first time shoppers for help, I tell them I don’t work there, but still help out. I finally decided to apply, but it took a month to even get an interview. now the one where i work has mostly white males, the 1 black girl who works there is HOT, and is mixed(we’re pals). so I think I did really good on the interview but never get called. I’m shopping and decide to ask about it, they say they don’t need people really, but my 2 friends who work there told me to apply because they needed at least 3 people. and as I’m walking away I hear the two managers saying things i’d rather not repeat. the point is that, it seems that you have to have green eyes and curly hair to get hired, lol. i still love the store, and know that not all stores are that way. I’ve seen some pretty diverse stores before(hmm… maybe it’s because it was in augusta georgia, lol)
    so so sorry for the length 🙁

  53. oh so i don’t confuse when i say “the one where i work” by that i mean i work in the mall where it’s located.

  54. Personal Opinion says:

    I work at the Abercrombie & Fitch home office in New Albany, Ohio as a floor model. I’m not gorgeous, or flawless- and nobody has ever said that I need to be. I’ve worked up close, and personally with Jeffries. He’s truly a nice man. He offered to help me with trash, saying, and I quote “Sweetie do you want some help? I’ve got time!”. He’s got a nice sense of humor, and it always polite to the employees in the department I work in. Like all jobs, it does have its up’s and down’s, but at the end of the day it’s not a bad place to work. Besides, everybody has their quirks and silly habits, why would a CEO be any different?

  55. He doesn’t do ugly? But, he looks it?