A Simple Idea, Well Executed

[Courtesy of Sarah Lane]
[UPDATE] Looks like there’s a lot of this stuff going on.

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  1. Okay, I get “Simple” and “Executed.”
    Still searching for “Idea” and “Well.”

  2. I see your point, but let’s see if I can defend my headline.
    It’s a simple idea that a day in the office is tolerable, even entertaining (when it’s sped up and condensed into five minutes).

  3. sorry dave. can’t agree with you there. For me, it only reinforces the saddness that is cube life. the scary thing is -THAT’S NOT SPED UP! red bull + jolt + coffee + eight ball = twitchy internet movie

  4. I actually like the way the track counters the irregular rapid movements in the background at odd times. One month super sped up might even be freakier.