A Rise In Loaded Tweets

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is reporting that marketers and media companies (like ESPN) have found their way to Twitter.

NBC, CBS, ABC Family and MTV are among several networks experimenting with the marketing possibilities of Twitter.
Marketing through Twitter — as with any new technology — isn’t a slam dunk. Sending marketing messages on the service could alienate users who see Twitter as a way to talk to their friends.

Uh, not exactly. Twitter users choose the person or entitiy they wish to follow. Hence, a marketer’s stream of updates can easily be ignored.

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  1. I’m sure this isn’t what they were referring to, but there is a substantial userbase that hangs out on Twitter’s public timeline, which has become increasingly muddled with sponsored messages and random RSS feed Twitter bots.

  2. And yet one more example of why Your Brand Is Not My Friend™
    I was just preparing a post on this and you’ve saved me from having to re-type the relevant parts of the Journal article. (I actually read the old-school hard copy Journal on the way into to work.)

  3. What? A journalist writing an article on a technology without experiencing it first? That NEVER happens. 🙂