A Real Promotion In Virtual Clothes

On Monday, crayon helped launch its first official effort on behalf of Coca-Cola. The effort, known as Virtual Thirst is a promotion where consumers generate content in virtual world, Second Life.
Agency principal, Joseph Jaffe says:

“Instead of purchasing an Island and creating a grandeous ediface of brash self-congratulation, this was a lot more understated and ground up.”

Here’s an early entry in the contest…

Tim Nudd at Adfreak explains the project this way:

Now, with the help of Joe Jaffe’s agency, crayon, Coke has launched a contest, called Virtual Thirst, to design the perfect vending machine for Second Life. Rather than dispense Coke bottles, the company wants the machine to emit the “essence” of Coke—i.e., “refreshment, joy, unity, experience.”

Jaffe kindly offered to meet me “in world” to show the virtual me around. But I’m not there yet, and if my disdain for video games is any indication, I have a feeling I will be a very late- or non-adopter.

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  1. god that was

  2. dorkyisasdorkydoes says:

    What’s up with the Barbie doll-meets Playmate of The Year physiques on all the women in Second Life? If I didn’t know better, I’d say Second Life mainly appeals to overgrown 14-year old male computer nerds.
    Oh, wait. That’s pretty much its main demo, isn’t it.
    Seriously though, am I the only one who’s noticing this?