A Little Venting

I guess that when you read a blog called Why Advertising Sucks you know what you’re in for, but still it’s some good reading. There’s a perfectly well-timed and well-crafted rant entry:

You won’t matter for however much people insist that you do because no matter what, someone else will do your job and since your full potential shall never be utilized, then no worries, because someone half as good as you can provide the same material and guess what, that person will fight less and be cheaper which means kudos for the agency for getting rid of that problematic creative that insisted that he wanted to help our company when he consistently did the opposite of what he’s told. Who needs creative criterion when you should be taking orders. You live in an information buffet, a restaurant service where you serve the exact dishes offered. Don’t improvise, don’t modify, don’t even think.

There’s more. Lots more. Read the whole thing. The author, named “Joker,” clearly feels my pain. Or channeled my innermost thoughts yesterday.

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  1. I’m feeling it too. Must be in the water or something. This guy nailed it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Not too sure about the rant. It was a little over the top.
    Additionally, took offense with the following: “Suck it in because you’ll see people scanning spics and negroes to hire so they can comply with affirmative action rather than considering them a genuine asset to a company.”
    It’s already obvious that the industry has problems with diversity and exclusivity. People like Joker make it clear why the problems exist.

  3. The thing with any rant, is it’s more of an emotional release than a helpful discourse. The ranter may feel better afterwards, but the audience rarely does. Which isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of things to rant about. The trick is elevating, taking the rant to a higher level. Then it becomes educational and valuable. In this particular case, what’s the bottom line on clueless clients? That it’s part of our job to suck it up and deal with them, or our job to straighten their shit out?

  4. It’s our job to help bad clients get to a higher level. We all know how difficult and seemingly impossible that can be in situations. But folks like Joker don’t ever seem to see their contributions to the problems. There are always options and new ways to attack a difficult challenge. Remember, that’s why we’re the creatives. Sometimes the solutions go beyond simply writing a clever headline. Once you resign yourself to a bad situation, you really need to consider resigning from the job.

  5. HighJive says-
    “It’s our job to help bad clients get to a higher level…There are always options and new ways to attack a difficult challenge. Remember, that’s why we’re the creatives.”