A Killer Ad. Literally.

It’s getting nasty out there.
Back in 2004, I was living in Ohio–the tightest of all the states, Presidentially speaking. So there was an absolute barrage on all sides to get votes. It was non-stop.
The Electoral College map hasn’t changed much. So now, this ad is apparently going up in Ohio:

You can find out more about the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund here. You can also find out about Alaska’s Wolf Control efforts here.
If you don’t live in a “swing state,” you oughta be thankful or this sort of stuff would be on TV 24/7.
It’s gonna be a wild 54 days.

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  1. Hunting is NOT one of the issues Dems need to forward right now. The fact that Palin is a hunter is a MAJOR PLUS. All this ad does is feed the right’s claims that Dems would “take our guns away.”
    I know it’s put out by a lobbying group and there’s no stopping them. It just goes to show how difficult it is for a candidate to stay on message in today’s media environment.

  2. There are alot of things i would rather they talk about as well.
    But i think this is a fair ad. It makes her look like a sadistic coward, which i think correlates to a large part of the GOP’s political platform.
    Remember, we were led into an unnecessary war with Iraq mostly by people who did everything they could to stay out of combat when they were of age.
    Shooting wolves from helicopters is actually an appropriate metaphor to me.

  3. “Do we really want a vice president who champions such savagery?”
    Are they familiar with the current vice-president?
    Also, I don’t think Obama is going to be getting the vote of many NRA members anyway so I don’t really think this ad is going to turn any possible swing voters away from the Democratic side.

  4. Yes, but this race will be won or lost in the middle. The ad doesn’t speak persuasively to this key demo, IMO. Way more Americans own guns than vote and I’m willing to bet many of them would love to hunt wolves in Alaska, whatever the rules of the game. I know this special interest has a story to tell, it might even be compelling to their members, but I’d like to see a savvier approach. One that does no damage to the party it’s meant to help.

  5. All fair points, David. I hear you. But this ad doesn’t say anything about taking away anyone’s guns. If a person sees this ad and think “Obama wants to take away my guns!!!” they are probably not in the middle and undecided.
    (off topic)
    I would personally rather see ads about how when Sarah Palin was mayor, Wasilla charged rape victims for the rape kits necessary to help capture and convict their attacker.

  6. Nancy ( finishing my statement) says:

    You wear your hair like me. You have sexier glasses than me. Do you wear bifocals, yet? You are a mom like me but with more kids, though, surely with more nannies. I mean you can’t be governor and take care of all those children on your own, can you? I had my wolfdog shot, too. …with a euthanasia shot after he could not walk anymore and was lying in his urine for one day in pain.
    I hate politics, you love politics. these kind of ads make me want to stay home on election day and vote for neither.
    George Carlin did that since he was 40. Why shouldn’t I?