A Different Approach To Food Porn

spot by Mendelsohn Zien
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  1. What can I say, it’s taken them long enough to produce an ad that turns on wendy’s grandmother.

  2. You do know the county seat of Bourbon County KY is Paris.

  3. Of course if you want to know where the beef is?
    I think Laura carries it: WInchester, which might be the next county over. Not sure. Clark County?
    But Colcord Farm is in Bourbon County and answers the question:
    “Where’s the Good beef?”
    Colcord Farms in Paris, Kentucky, which produces cattle that are entirely grass-fed. Most of its products are sold to organic food stores that traditionally have refused to stock red meat.
    “There are a lot of people who didn’t eat meat that are starting to eat meat now because they like the way the cattle are managed,” says Kathy Meyer, general manager for Colcord’s brand division Bluegrass Finished Beef. “People who are concerned about what they eat and the way animals are treated are attracted to the grass-finished product.”

  4. David,
    excuse me for cluttering your blog, and I know this isn’t carl’s agenda or maybe not even yours, but hell, i am bored and I don’t have my stuff, and its March and it’s freakin freezing outside and not a narcissus in site popping up out of the ground. So you are just going to have to suffer the echoes in here of my educational health searches and rantings:
    I did not know this all, but it came from their website:
    And i do not know if it can be scientifically substantiated, i just know that I love the taste of grass in my milk, so maybe I’d like it better in my beef. Not the cannabis type but the kind that grows in backwards places like Kentucky or southern Indiana.
    So you can delete if you consider me a spambot. I just found this interesting and environmentally sound and if i choose to eat one and only one steak, I’d probably invest in this of finsihingbeef.
    “Natural” beef sold in health food chains is normally devoid of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones (ASH free) but is finished on grain. This means that it also has low beneficial compounds and a high fat level.
    Even “organic” beef is almost always finished on organic grain in feedlots and is low in the healthy compounds.
    Only grass finished beef without grain has the healthy high levels of Omega 3, CLA, Carotene, and Vitamin E with a lower fat level.

  5. I’m actually a big fan of grass fed beef and bison. So, rock on Nancy.

  6. well, then for all the backward peoples: here is the eat wild website that might help them out in their states.
    Somebody can make an ipod touch app with happy mowing cows batting their eyelashes at happy mooing steers and where to find restaurants that sell these farmer’s products.
    wait, that wouldn’t make sense. steers don’t have the proper equipment. Bulls, yea bulls. You know how sex sells animalistic or not.
    I’m not totally vegetarian yet, nor I doubt i will ever be, and even PETA can’t be that terribly mad at happy cows finishing out their life in the pastural state of grassy bliss.

  7. and i never thought of it, but who needs those best cplaces to live lists. this is a perfect way to find a new place to live cause everybody knows:
    aint the cows happy, aint mama happy.