A BattleCry For Billings

According to the New York Times, Teen Mania Ministries, a Christian youth organization devoted to steering teenagers away from drugs, alcohol and premarital sex came knocking on Tocquigny’s door.

“We anticipated that there might be some cons,” said Skip Dampier, a partner and creative director at the agency. “And we knew that not everyone at the agency would want to work on this business.”
But despite its reservations, Tocquigny, which is based in Austin, Tex., took on the account in February. Soon the agency had a dozen staff members working full time on Teen Mania, planning major teenage outreach events and redesigning the organization’s Web site, battlecry.com.
As he had guessed, not everyone at Tocquigny came on board. “To be honest, there were a few instances that people did express that they did not want to work on the business, and that was fine,” Mr. Dampier said.

What? It’s fine to be a heathen who goes nowhere near this client’s particular Kool-Aid? I love it!

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