A Moveable Logo Meant To Move You

Science Channel has a new shape-shifting logo that goes by the name of “Morph.” After creating the blog-like thing in-house, the network turned to Imaginary Forces for help to bring Morph to life.

According to Fast Company, Imaginary Forces is touting the work as “the future of logo design.”

Ronnie Koff, a director and art director at Imaginary Forces who was creative lead on the project, says, “We’re not coming from a print foundation anymore. Now that technology has reached the point where everything is some moving form of media, logos are going to be designed for that kind of media first. There’s no reason to make a logo static anymore.”

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  1. Sure, sure. With a logo like Imaginary Forces’, it’s no wonder they don’t want to do static logos. It’s a tough job.

  2. While it might be cool for the Science Channel, how is a logo that morphs and adapts better than a static one? Seems like it would cause confusion to a consumer for me?

    “Wait, what channel am I watching? I don’t remember that logo from last week.”