96% of Teens Are Active on Social Networks

Ad Age, hoping for a New York Post-worthy story, but not getting it, addresses the sexual predator factor on MySpace again.

How many advertisers backed out of MySpace last week after it revealed it had deleted the profiles of 29,000 known sex offenders — more than four times the number originally suspected — from its site?
Not a single one.

Julie Henderson, senior VP-corporate communications at MySpace parent Fox Interactive Media, said a few concerned marketers called when the news came out but were placated when told MySpace had deleted those 29,000 profiles.
Ms. Henderson also pointed out that 29,000 out of 180 million registered users is one-thousandth of a percent. Of course, this number doesn’t account for offenders savvy enough to register under a pseudonym.

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  1. If MySpace was a country it’d be the 8th biggest on earth.