7Up’s A Natural


Soft-drink brand 7Up this week announced that its original 7Up is now “100% natural” — following a reformulation to eliminate an artificial preservative.
“Everything that remains in the can is from a natural source,” says Kelli Freeman, marketing vice president. The label does not apply to the diet and other varieties.
TV ads beginning May 8 will show 7Up cans as fruits or vegetables, being picked or pulled from the ground.

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  1. The drink has changed. Who cares if it is all natural, it is not the 7UP that has been in the can for 77 years. Call it natural, call it sugar water, it is not 7UP. If they want part of the market share for natural, they are giving up their share of the original drink.

  2. I wonder if Kelli Freeman can tell me how high fructose corn syrup is made? I wonder if she thinks that it is just shucked right out of the corn?
    The fact is that HFCS is processed and would not exist with out a complex process including 3 different enzymes, and big vats. It is about as natural as a Flying Pig!