Consumers Salute Dr. Pepper’s 70s Flashbacks With Parodies of the Parody

Travel to Dr. Pepper TEN with me and taste the Bold Country.

As a child of the 1970s and a fan of John Denver, you can see why Deutsch’s 70s flashbacks appeal to me. Nostalgia is a trip.

To evoke an authentic 70s feel, Deutsch made an effort to get the images to appear historic. The commercials were shot on 16-millimeter film, then copied onto a VHS video tape, which was then baked to age the images further.

The Grizzly Adams meets Hamm’s commercial-inspired work is now spawning some original reproductions, a.k.a. honorary spoofs, which is high praise for any ad campaign (much higher praise than even the most prestigious industry award, if you ask me).

Of course, in the spoof above, Miller Lite gets a starring role, not Dr. Pepper TEN.

See what happens when you don’t have attentive PAs on the set?

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