5 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Business

Starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s not without a lengthy list of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is time management, and finding a way to complete the multitude of varied tasks that come along with running your own one person show. When you start your own business, it goes without saying that you’ll be doing everything yourself for some time. But as your business grows and you gradually get your feet off the ground, you’ll find yourself with the opportunity to hire some employees, and most likely, a personal assistant or two.

When you think of an assistant, you might think of someone in-house or otherwise constantly present to help you out with whatever it is you need done, but have you considered seeking the help of a virtual assistant? Hiring someone to work remotely for you could be the best choice– and there are several reasons why.

  1. You Can Scale Back Your Expenses

By hiring a virtual assistant to work part time or per diem, you can cut back significantly on employment costs. Rather than having an in-house employee you have to pay a base salary or higher hourly wage, a virtual assistant can work remotely only when you need them. By having a virtual assistant, you’ll also save on healthcare costs, as you likely won’t need to offer them insurance. Additionally, when it comes to bringing on new employees or holding meetings, a virtual training assistant can help you out by handling any sort of orientation. Providers like Blue Jeans make it easy for your virtual assistant to dial in via videoconferencing in order to host meetings, collaborate, and offer training.

  1. They Can Help You Get Organized

If your job is incredibly busy (and whose isn’t?) a virtual assistant can help you get your business organized when it comes to helping you focus on your priorities. By having a virtual assistant, you can put aside menial tasks like sorting through emails, returning non-urgent calls, and general calendar and travel management. A virtual assistant can handle all of this for you and more, thus assisting with organization and allowing you to focus on getting the big stuff in order. Organization is largely essential to success, but when you’ve got a lot going on, you’re likely to let things pile up, whether it’s a to-do list or papers that desperately need to be filed.

  1. You Can Focus on What’s Important

By clearing up some of those organizational tasks mentioned above, the right virtual assistant will give you more time to focus on what’s truly important: your clients and the crucial, daily operations that make your business tick. You can task your virtual assistant with managing your social media posts remotely, taking care of promotional materials, and advertising while you give minimal supervision. You’ll have more time to come up with a plan and move forward, and won’t have to spend as much time executing it all by yourself.

  1. You Can Access the Expertise of a Specialist

Small Business Trends suggests that you look for a virtual assistant who possesses the unique skill sets that you’re in need of. If you’re looking for an expert when it comes to IT help, SEO work, social media, or bookkeeping (among many others!), you should seek out a virtual assistant who specializes in exactly the skills you’re looking for. You can utilize them when needed to handle relevant tasks, which will save you time and energy. Most importantly, you can rest assured that the work you need is being done correctly and up to standard by an expert in the field or skill.

  1. They Can Help Prevent Burnout

This last one is perhaps the most important. When you combine the previous four points, a virtual assistant can do the most important job that an in-house assistant would also do: prevent you from burning out. As Entrepreneur notes, people who are highly productive are also good at delegating; they don’t attempt to do it all themselves. if you’re overworked and have too many tasks you’re struggling to complete, you might be exhausting yourself and draining yourself dry. A virtual assistant can take some of the pressure off of where you need it most.

The culmination of these benefits presents a clear case as to why a virtual assistant might be something on the table to consider. The choices you make and your productivity levels are crucial to the success of your business, especially when you’re just starting out. Watching your bottom line is also important, and by outsourcing your needs to employees who can work remotely, you can manage and assign priorities more efficiently, while also saving money. With the right virtual assistant, you can place your focus where it needs to be, and aim for success with competent, skilled help at your side.

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