Quiet Doesn’t Work In Ad Agencies


Following up on a recent post, I decided to take a closer look at introverts in the ad industry: Advertising is a subjective business that’s prone to groupthink. Do quiet people react to certain types of advertising the same way as extroverts? I wonder how many bad ads, or how many brand problems, could’ve been […]

Take Me To My Happy Place, Take Me Fishing


Fishing is something I associate with my childhood and my grandfather, Eldon Burn, in particular. We used to fish for bluegill, crappie, bass and catfish on Nebraska’s man-made lakes. We also fished for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan and walleyed-pike in Minnesota. So, when I see this throwback illustration style used to motivate me, […]

Timesheets Are A Problem At Mediocre Agencies. But Are They Fraud?


“Fraud” is a very strong accusation, and that’s why this column in the Agency Post, written by Deborah Fisher of Response Mine Interactive got my attention. Fisher provides the all-too-common view of timesheets in the agency world: Driven by the need to bill clients in a timely manner, the accounting department nips at the heels […]

Guest Post: Email Marketing Isn’t Just Holding Steady, It’s Blowing Up


Guest post by Will Stevens Despite the social media hype, email still wins out Email is a technological dinosaur, destined for the dustbin of history, while social networks are set to dominate communications, PR and advertising for years to come. Or at least that’s the impression given by the mainstream press and many marketing blogs. […]

Silvercar Knows What Travelers Want (an A4) And How To Deliver It (Fully Loaded)


Mass customization. Affordable luxury. Digital disruption. Welcome to Silvercar, an innovative new rental car company operating today at four Texas airport locations (DFW, DAL, AUS and HOU). I don’t know about you, but next time I fly to Texas, I intend to leave the airport in a 2013 Audi A4 sports sedan, outfitted with navigation, […]

Luminaries Back Stage at The 60th Cannes Lions

George Lois, Sean Combs and Richard Dawkins at Cannes Lions 60th

Cannes Lions turned 60 this year, which certainly makes her the grand old dame on the award show circuit. I wonder how many trips to Cannes designer and art director George Lois has made over the years. Whatever the number, his message remains relevant, and caustic. “Understand how to create big fucking advertising ideas, that’s […]

How Using T-Shirts Causes the Market to Take Notice

Let’s face it. Many companies and organizations sell the same products or services to the point they are considered commodities. The best way they can differentiate themselves is through creating a powerful brand or image. This causes potential customers to think of the company or organization with the strongest image first when a particular product […]

Media Buyers, You’ve Been Disintermediated By The Modern Abacus


Maybe someday USA TODAY will hire me to cover Cannes for them. Until that day, we’ll have to do with Michael Wolff’s coverage. Apparently Wolff wandered into a party where Jay Sears from Rubicon Project, “the leading technology company automating the buying and selling of advertising globally,” was explaining how in three years 50% of […]