Advertising Is Full Of Sinners. Now We Can Confess.


Pride. Sloth. Envy. Wrath. Lust. Gluttony. Greed. What would advertising be without them? We all have those dirty, secretive thoughts we have during meetings or concepting sessions, or when we’re alone at our desks. Now, creatives David Ma and Nick Hugh Schmidt are letting you confess. And then be judged. Enter yours at The Creative […]

Guns Don’t Kill People. But People With Guns Do.

The National Rifle Association makes “repugnant and cowardly” ads, but the gun lobby appears slightly more adept at brand-sponsored content. Here’s a look at a video from their “Life of Duty” series sponsored by Smith & Wesson and Brownell’s, the world’s largest supplier of firearms accessories, gun parts and gunsmithing tools. “It’s freedom to be […]

Should You Advertise In Unfriendly Territory? The Mormons Do.


Last night I went to see the touring production of “The Book of Mormon,” a musical from the creators of South Park. It’s quite funny, but it takes some serious jabs at the LDS Church and the origins of its beliefs. Flipping through the Playbill I got when I entered, I noticed several ads like […]

People Who Buy Products And Services Are “Multipliers,” Not “Consumers”

People are people. Always. For instance, throughout the day people might consume food, gas, electricity, media, beer and more, but they remain people, not consumers. It’s a topic cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken picked up and ran with on Spreadable Media. My preferred term is “multiplier.” Consider this sentence, amended from a story in the Wall […]

Agency’s Analog Approach Makes Client’s Digital Day

Sarah Blasi | LinkedIn

Since going out on my own nearly four years ago, one thing I have truly come to appreciate is how difficult it is to make rain. To source leads and convert them into prospects. To open doors and close deals. Of course, every agency has a rainmaker, some agencies have a whole bunch of them. […]

Hello Advertorial, Nice To See You Again


The Atlantic is is one the best titles on the rack. I respect The Atlantic. And I’m happy to see that they’re having success with advertorial. Too bad they insist on calling it “native advertising.” My friend and agency head, Bob Hoffman, doesn’t like the new phrase any more than I do. “Native advertising is […]

New TV for Nike Golf Featuring Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods

Professional golfer, Rory McIlroy recently joined Nike with a blockbuster $200 Million contract (bolting from Titliest and Oakley). The first TV spot is out featuring a head-to-head duel with Tiger Woods.

Guest Post: Promotional Marketing – Digital/Mobile

This article is written by Henry Walker of NDL Group, a leading promotional marketing and competition management business. Capturing the attention of consumers using promotional campaigns is nothing new; it has been a robust tactic from some of the world’s greatest brands for decades. Consumers are only too happy to enjoy loyalty schemes or test their […]

Quality Content Is An Investment. Do Us All A Favor, And Invest Wisely.

Velocity Partners in Surrey, England is a B2B Content Marketing specialist. As such, the agency is rightly concerned about what the number of companies eagerly hopping on content bandwagon means. The agency concludes it means we’ll soon be swimming in a deluge of crap. To make sure you do not contribute to the content problem, […]

For Best Results, Align The Brand Truth With The Audience’s Inner Truths


I like it when advertising pros get intentional with their language and say it like it is. Witness the words of Douglas Van Praet, Group Planning Director for the Volkswagen account at Deutsch L.A. and author of Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing: Whenever I hear the word “consumer,” a term unavoidable […]