Voting For The Better of Two Weak Candidates Is Far From Good Enough, But Do It Anyway


Are you planning to vote this fall? David Jones, advertising cartoonist and Chief Creative Officer at Third Street in Chicago, believes it’s a great idea to do so. In fact, Jones and team remind that it’s the price we must pay, if we feel like kvetching at a later date. “Our campaign celebrates complaining and […]

W+K’s Roots Are Showing

UPDATE 10/6/12: We wrongly assumed W+K made the following Levi’s spot. Please excuse our initial error and see the revised post for the correct credits. “Just Do It” is much more than a tagline. It’s a platform, and an ethos so deeply embedded in Nike’s core, that the brand doesn’t even need to use the […]

Why Is Adweek Pushing Big Corn’s Agenda?


I just got back from a trip to Europe, where one of the things you don’t see on the labels of candy bars and sodas is High Fructose Corn Syrup. I don’t think the sweetener’s technically banned there, but it’s very rare. So it’s no surprise that folks like the Corn Refiners Association, a trade […]