Humanity, Do You Take Technology To Be Your Ever Loving And Faithful Wife?


PORTLAND–Adrianna Ballroom at SW 9th and Yamhill is a perfect room for weddings and wedding receptions, which is great because the 200 people gathered here for Delight 2012, a digital marketing event put on by ISITE Design, are intent on celebrating the union of technology and service. As Dave Tragethon, Executive Director of Sales, Communications […]

To Cook A Pizza, You Need An Oven


Deutsch LA is “conceiving and developing digital products at an affordable cost” under its newly hatched Invenionist label. According to Adweek, Winston Binch, the agency’s chief digital officer, says, “We think great advertising can do a whole lot for a brand, but remarkable products are the best ads.” “Sometimes we feel like the best way […]

Pepsi Next and TaskRabbit Make Time For You


So busy you don’t have time to drink a Pepsi? Then Pepsi Next and TaskRabbit have just the thing. In a new promotion from The Barbarian Group, Pepsi Next is giving away free TaskRabbit services in order to give you enough free time to try “the unbelievable taste of Pepsi Next.” For those who don’t […]

Prospective Voters Are Hearin’ A Lotta Lip Flappin’

Are you planning to watch the Romney versus Obama debate on TV tonight? It’s not a prize fight, but the media enjoys that frame, since it adds action and excitement where there is none. We need so much more from this process, and at the same time so much less of it. Meanwhile, Americans with […]

New Breed of Online Pubs Desperately Seeking Heady Prose Stylists


Sarah Lacy, founder and editor-in-chief of PandoDaily, suggests that long-form journalism is back in vogue. She also suggest there’s a supply problem, and that companies like BuzzFeed and Tumblr — both of which recently announced new long-form content initiatives — may have trouble finding writers with the skills and background necessary to produce New Yorker-quality […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Carbs Are For Runners


Long distance racers like to load up on carbs before they run. Ergo, Brooks is feeding runners what they want and need–pasta. Wexley School for Girls with help from Alexander Exhibits constructed a giant 20’ x 30’ pasta bowl shaped expo booth complete with a 15’ fork suspended above the booth that says, “Carb Happy. […]

Marketing Lessons From A Trip Overseas (Part 2)


I shared some random marketing observations from my European trip the other day. A few more here: Creative work there is just as mundane as work here. I was expecting sophisticated advertising like you often see on Ads of the World or in Archive. But there’s just as much ads-as-bland-wallpaper everywhere you go. The brands […]

Nail Biters of the World Unite Around Real Life Space Drama

Austrian daredevil, Felix Baumgartner, successfully jumped from a balloon hovering 128,000 feet above Roswell, New Mexico today. After cartwheeling through the stratosphere for a time, Baumgartner gained control of his trajectory and proceeded to make a safe landing. The nail-biting event aired on live 40 television networks in 50 countries and the live feed was […]

Marketing Is Not All Science; Hence, The Need For Gut Checks and Gutsy Calls

Focus groups are a waste of perfectly good M&Ms. But for clients it’s often a different story, since it is their money on the line. And when a client plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying up media space on TV, the risk, and therefore the extreme caution, is even greater. Enter, Lisa […]

Paid Post: “Crash the Super Bowl” Contest To Award $5 Mil. In Prize Money


Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post, bought and paid for by the Doritos brand. Baseball, for many fans, has faded from view. The NHL has contract issues, and many foresee another cancellation of an entire hockey season. Basketball, meh. This time of year means one thing, football. As we quickly approach midseason, the ad […]