An Hour Measures Time, Not Productivity


It’s fun to talk about compensation. It’s taboo, for one. Secondly, it’s a game of measuring up — a game we’ve been taught to play since adolescence. So, let’s jump on the new hourly billing rates for ad execs, made available by Rupal Parekh at Ad Age. One item that caught my eye is agencies […]

What Happens When You Cross Schoolhouse Rock With ze frank

THNKR is a new original channel on YouTube from, a firm with a ton of success making commercials. The new channel on YouTube features four main sections: BOOKD, EPIPHANY, PODIUM and PRODIGIES. Here’s a sample of newly produced “evergreen” content from THNKR’s PODIUM series on the art of speechmaking. Justin Wilkes, Executive Vide President […]

Click For Mentor Stories

Can you find quality career mentoring online? I don’t know that the question occurs to people anymore, because it’s all there, isn’t it? Every sage piece of advice about how to navigate tough work situations, to get more done during the day, to be more creative and so on. Now, from creative director Mat Zucker, […]

There’s A Mom Behind Every Champion, And P&G Is Behind Every Mom

The Olympics are endowed with many emotional, forever memorable moments. Athletes train their entire lives to appear on this world stage–a stage where the heartbreak of a loss or the triumph of a win are as real as they are overwhelming. Proctor and Gamble, and its agency partner Wieden + Kennedy, smartly built a content […]

Also Made In USA? Our Conflicted Emotions About Overseas Manufacturing


In the wake of the US Olympic Team’s Chinese-made uniform kerfuffle, has an interesting feature showcasing some fashion brands that are still made in the USA, including familiar names like New Balance, Hickey Freeman and Pendleton. I’m sure we all know a few more names we could add. Still, it’s a pretty short list. […]