Every Company Is A Media Company, But Not Everybody Who Works At The Company Is A Writer, Photographer or Videographer

Content marketing in a B2B context isn’t as sexy as launching a new show on cable, making a glossy magazine, or cutting a record, but it can be entertaining and informative to a broad audience, nevertheless. Take the Free Press online newsroom from Intel. Social Media Today calls it a “leading example of not only […]

Will The Newspaper Industry Save Itself By Reinventing Online Advertising?

San Diego_s Green Flash brewery arrives in New Orleans | NOLA.com

Local advertisers in New Orleans are not happy about the recent announcement from New York-based Advance Publications that The Crescent City’s daily newspaper, one of the oldest in the nation, will be printed just three days a week starting this fall. “The Times-Picayune has long been a cornerstone of my restaurant group’s local marketing,” notes […]

A Creator’s Guide To Transmedia Storytelling Goes Beyond The Buzzwords


In the advertising industry these days, the phrase “transmedia storytelling” is thrown around almost as much as “content curation” by unimpressive people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about in an attempt to sound convincing. So it was refreshing to get a very good overview of what transmedia storytelling is, and isn’t, in […]

For Little Caesars, The Marketing Is A Bit On The Stale Side

There’s a Little Caesars up the road from me. And many times, I’ve gone in and gotten one of their $5 Hot n’ Ready Pizzas. It’s a good deal and it’s fairly tasty. But I’ve never, never felt like singing while walking out the door the way these folks do in the commercial that’s currently […]

Ad Folks Live In A Bubble And Social Media’s A Part Of It

I’ll admit, I thought the whole Arcade Fire/Google “The Wilderness Downtown” thing was kinda cool, but I definitely didn’t go gaga over it the way many people in advertising did. Now, Business Insider takes a look at just how aware the general population is of some of the more lauded social media efforts. I’m not […]

Run A Publicly-Owned Company, Deal With The Public’s Outrage

Corona d'oro

In a debate over his exorbitant compensation, WPP shareholders are giving Sir Martin Sorrell fits. Sorrell’s current compensation package amounts to $40 million (in U.S. dollars), a 60% boost from last year. According to Financial Times, three of the top 10 WPP shareholders, which own about 10 per cent of the company’s shares, say they […]

Consumers Are Everywhere—Forgetting That Will Get Us Nowhere

I had no idea how ridiculously accurate “Portlandia” was until I moved to the Pacific Northwest. So do marketers account for the regional differences that still exist in our country? Should they? I once had a client that operated a business with multiple locations around the country. While the national clients were always looking for […]

Coke Zero Pops The Lid On Open Source Advertising

Dr. Pepper was once the soda brand orchestrating elaborate dance numbers. Today, Coke Zero that has people dancing in a campaign from Ogilvy & Mather Paris and the brand’s community of “doers and believers.” Witness “The Toe Tappy,” a new side-to-side toe-tapping dance created by American street dancer Joey “Knucklehead” Turman. With Coke Zero’s help, […]

How Do Online Advertisers Know What You Want? They Mercilessly Track Your Every Move


Careful where you click. Advertisers are watching your every move. Unless you’re using Microsofts’s latest version of its Web browser, Internet Explorer 10. In a move that has angered the digital advertising industry, IE 10 comes with “do not track” as the default preference. According to The Wall Street Journal, Stu Ingis, general counsel of […]