Sync, Tweet and Save with American Express


American Express customers want great service. That’s why they’re willing to pay exorbitant fees to their favorite credit card company. American Express, for their part, is grateful. Ergo, they want to pay the digitally adpet back with Twitter-based savings. Personally, I had to watch the spot above a number of times and read the A.P. […]

Sheetz Is A Fueling Station For Cars and Their Drivers


Tattoo Projects in Charlotte, NC was given the challenging task of convincing customers of Sheetz Convenience Stores to grasp the concept that they can get awesome food from a place with gas pumps. Here’s what the #2 Fastest-Growing Privately-Held Company in Charlotte (and one of Ad Age’s Small Ad Agencies of the Year) came up […]

Not At SouthBy, But I Could Definitely Go For Some Guerro’s


I’ve resisted attending SXSW for four years in a row now. It’s easy to do when you have no corporate sponsor to pick up your flights, hotel, meals, taxi rides and bar tabs. The Integer Group first sent me to Austin in 2003, and that was a special time for me, personally and professionally. It’s […]

Jim Beam Makes A Deal With The Devil


Back when I was in school at the University of Georgia, fall Saturdays meant two things: Football, and Beam & Cokes. Jim Beam’s come a long way since then, and thanks to StrawberryFrog, is taking a premium version of its bourbon called Devil’s Cut and rolling it out with a decidedly darker, but playful, approach. […]

Tweet-a-Beer: This Year’s Breakout Hit @SXSWi

Tweet-a-Beer – web app for sending a $5 beer through linking Twitter and PayPal accounts. Thirsty?

SouthyBy starts today, and already the Tweeting is on the wall. Like Twitter and Foursquare, in 2006 and 2009 respectively, Tweet-a-Beer is about to capture the attention of SXSW Interactive Conference attendees, and vault from sketch-on-a-napkin status to full on nerd culture hit. By the way, the Portland-based makers of this new app owe me […]

Pop Will Eat Itself: Long-Form Ads Jump From Web To TV

It’s no secret that people will watch long-form video ads online. BMW Films proved that long ago, spawning a slew of adland imitators in the process. Today, so many brands have their own “Brand X Films” online that it seems long-form ads were bound to cross over to the TV screen sooner or later. (Which […]

Stay Grounded With Maxwell House

Maxwell House

Making fun of coffee snobs…”Is this what we’re doing now?” Coffee snobs are fun to skewer in a SNL-like skit, and the Chicago and New York offices of mcgarrybowen do a good job of it for their client, Maxwell House. The ads were directed by David Shane of Bud Light’s “Swear Jar” fame, and star […]

Visual Mosaics In The Stream

Words that mean something

“We’ve been too busy to hire a press person yet,” Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, said. Which is funny because his company doesn’t need a publicist–the public is all over it. According to Open Forum, Pinterest is the 16th most-visited website in America with 12 million users (like me). As I cozy up to the […]

Want To Reach People? Great, What Is Your Basis of Conversation?

Great Recipes, Dinner Ideas and Quick & Easy Meals from Kraft Foods

I love to hear from clients who know their stuff. Julie Fleischer, Director of Content Strategy & Integration at Kraft Foods, knows her stuff. In an interview with Forbes she explains in terms crystalline what it takes to be a successful content marketer. The most important question to answer is “what is your basis of […]

Don’t Know About The Blades, But The Commercial Is F–in Great


The Dollar Shave Club is definitely making a splash with this spot: For some backstory, Fastcocreate has more: It turns out the guy in the video really is the founder and CEO of the new start-up, Michael Dubin. What’s more surprising, though, is the fact that he made the ad himself. “The world is filled […]