Calcuating ROSB (Return on Super Bowl)


At a price north of three million dollars for a Super Bowl spot this year, Chief Marketing Officers might be sweating some ROI-tipped bullets. With good reason. It’s a big spend and not every company is well suited to court the Super Bowl audience. That’s the news from Brand Keys’ 10th annual Super Bowl Engagement […]

Giffords Packs An Emotional Punch With Her Exit From Congress Video

As the season of electoral bitterness advances, there is one notable voice choosing to abstain. The voice of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Wow.

Candle In A Campervan, An Operatic Approach To Public Safety

We don’t feature enough radio on this site. With that said, let’s give this spot from M&C Saatchi Worldwide a listen. The spot was created to raise awareness of fire risks amongst visitors that would be staying in campervans during the Rugby World Cup 2011 (NZ). “Lame, lame your van could go up in flames.” […]

Speed, Guts and Swagger (Good Name for a New Agency)


Tom Sullivan, a principal at MDC Partners-owned shop Vitro in San Diego, thinks ad pros could learn a thing or two from political hacks. Writing in Ad Age, Sullivan argues: The truth is that agencies and brands often miss opportunities to attack. Elections are a good reminder to agencies that drawing direct comparisons can work. […]

The 3% Conference Aims To Bring Female CDs Together


I’d say my advertising career as a copywriter has been a bit unusual in one sense: Most of the CDs I directly reported to have been women. But it’s not that way for most people, nor are many of the top CD slots at agencies held by women. To call attention to the issue, and […]

This Super Bowl Season Play With Your Phone, Win A Chevy

The game layer is everywhere today. And now we can thank Chevy and its agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for bringing the game layer to this year’s Super Bowl. According to The New York Times, Chevy Gametime is a mobile application that will spit out award 20 free cars, among other prizes. Yet, simply providing […]

GoDaddy To Promote .Co Domains (And Strong Women) During The Big Game

Does sex sell on Super Bowl Sunday? Seems likes a question with one obvious answer, but not so fast. According to the research gurus at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, SuperBowl spots with sexual imagery take a 10% hit in “likability” vs. ads without racy images. Naturally, GoDaddy’s Bob “You Still Awake?” Parsons has another story […]

Pols Reverse Their Position on Piracy, But Big Content Slaps Back

According to Mashable and Forbes, yesterday’s blackout by Wikipedia, and other sites (including this one) caused some pols to rethink their position. PIPA co-sponsor Florida Sen. Marco Rubio pulled his name from the bill Wednesday, and SOPA co-sponsor Arizona Rep. Ben Quayle pulled his name Tuesday. But the war ain’t over. An entertainment industry lobbying […]