Not Your Great Great Great Great Grandpa’s General Store

Opened in 2008, the Drake General Store has three Toronto locations: Queen West next to the Drake Hotel, Yonge Street in Rosedale, and Bathurst at King. They offer treasure hunters a unique mix of classic and modern goods, both from local Canadian artists and businesses and from suppliers around the world. Conceived by Red Urban […]

Any Client Can Score By Running The Digital Media Playbook


I’ve worked for a number of small agencies during my career. And nearly all of them struggled to provide some extra knowledge for their clients. To serve as some sort of trusted advisor, so to speak. Seattle-based Williams-Helde Marketing Communications operates a little differently, bringing to its clients and the public a good repository of […]

Divisiveness Is For Politics, In Business We’re Better Than That


Avi Dan, a marketing consultant who specializes in client-agency relationships, reports that clients are unhappy with their agency partners vendors. Only 41% have a positive view of the quality of agency people, and just 38% are satisfied of the way agencies manage integration. Agencies are retreating from a multidimensional relationships with clients to a more […]

Ask Why, And Google Will Tell You

I’ll admit, I’m a bit creeped out by display ads that seem to be targeting me. Particularly the ones that “follow” me across multiple websites or reference something I’ve shopped for recently. Google is attempting, in part, to explain why you’re seeing certain ads. From The Seattle Times: “Our advertising system is designed to show […]

The Iceman Cometh (And He Selleth Omni-Heat)

Never want to be cold again? Move near the Equator, buy expensive Omni-Heat gear from Columbia Sportswear, or do as world-record holding Dutchman Wim Hof does and resist cold by concentrating and regulating your breath. According to The New York Times, Columbia introduced heated footwear in 2009, and this fall is adding Omni-Heat Electric jackets, […]

When You’re In Mobile, It’s Only Natural To Go Mobile


One of the more innovative agencies out there is Red Square Agency in Mobile, Alabama. If you’ve ever worked in a small market like Mobile, you know it’s a bit harder to attract great talent and draw buzz. But Red Square is defying that convention, and seems committed to putting itself on the ad map. […]

Is Content Merely A Long Form Ad With the Pitch Removed?

Greatest Common Factory-2

Content, content, content…it’s all anyone’s talking about. Myself included. To wit, we have news from Austin about Greatest Common Factory, a content creation agency founded by three former GSD&M staffers. At its core GCF believes advertising has moved from a media driven business to a content driven one. The 80/20 rule of media to production […]

Macy’s Asks the Pros for Help With Its Blog


Macy’s is reaching out to popular bloggers at and to help fill the pages of MBlog, its owned media channel for “news, reviews, magic and more.” According to Marketing Daily, the department store chain is turning to blogging partners for how-to videos, trend-spotting, user and expert reviews, and original posts. Macy’s will devote […]

Start Your Morning With Something Cheesey At Hardee’s

The new “Made from Scracth Cheddar Biscuit” at Hardee’s is going to attract (and repel) fans with a campy commercial like this: Agency: David&Goliath