Cluelessness In Every Direction, Fact Checkers Too

Writing in Forbes, Danny Turnbull of gyro wonders how long brands will continue to make false claims when transparency and immediacy via digital channels is the order of the day. It has become increasingly dangerous to be caught making spurious claims. Brands now need to ensure credibility as well as creativity to retain customer loyalty […]

Hurry Up And Add ‘Slow Down’ To Your To-Do List

Last week at the Seattle Interactive Conference, Cal McAllister, co-founder of Wexley School For Girls, gave an inspiring presentation on his agency. One of his agency’s tenets was a very simple one: “Slow Down.” In other words, don’t rush ideas out into the world until they’re ready. Great advice, but hard to implement. Because everything […]

All The Single Creatives, Put A Partner On It


As a copywriter who just up and moved 2500 miles, I’ve been out meeting new folks in the agency scene here whenever I can. But I’d love to find an art director who’s willing to team up on projects. Seems I’m not alone. Enter a new website, Single Creatives. It’s hard to glean much background […]

Facebook Is Where The Shoppers Are, And Increasingly It’s Where The Shops Are


Social commerce is about to explode. According to Booz and Company, social commerce will be a $30 billion dollar opportunity by 2015. Tretorn is one brand that’s busy pursuing the gold at the end of the social rainbow. With the help of Moontoast’s Distributed Social Commerce platform, Tretorn launched a series of social commerce campaigns […]

I Do This For You: Find And Polish The Nuggets In My Inbox

I know it’s a lot to ask, but will you share in the pain that is my inbox with me for a minute? Here’s a random sample of press releases from this week: Latin Sensation Patty Manterola and Estrella TV Announce New Daytime Talk Show, “Patty” Study: Online videos are trending more offensive, sexual, pervasive […]

The Post-Pitch Letdown Gets Spoofed

According to its YouTube page, the Blamer Partnership “is a compensation, performance and search consultancy who helps clients save on agency fees and makes sure agencies are truly accountable.” And if that description begs for a more entertaining way of selling its services, the consultancy decided to spoof the post-pitch attitudes of some agencies, when […]

What’s The Word?

Twitter _ @alexklevine_ I love you @adpulp, but I ...

Alex Levine of Chicago loves AdPulp enough to point out our weaknesses and that pleases me. What weaknesses would you care to point out? Seriously. Until we get to know precisely how you view this site and use this site, and how you want to use it going forward, we’re guessing. Let’s take the guess […]

When Brands Matter, People Care. Otherwise Not So Much.

According to Havas Media, the people you’re trying to reach today don’t like you and don’t want to hear from you. In fact, the agency’s new study (that took into account the views of 50,000 consumers across 14 international markets) found that most people would not care if 70% of brands ceased to exist. Hernan […]