Agencies Can Act Like Startups, But You Can’t Fake Virginity

I haven’t really been too attuned to the stream of chatter coming from this year’s Advertising Week, but clearly, the transformation of the advertising agency itself is on a lot of people’s minds. But one article that caught my eye is this Adweek report from a panel that contrasted tech startups and ad agencies. The […]

The Better The Stream (of Content), The Bigger The Stream (of Income)

YouTube wants to be more like a television network. And the Google-owned company has been throwing money at content producers in Hollywood and elsewhere to get themselves there. According to The Wall Street Journal, YouTube is putting up more than $100 million in cash advances to develop original content that will run on one of […]

It’s Amusing That Jimmy Smith Switched Holding Companies For His New Venture


Veteran TBWA/Chiat/Day Creative Director Jimmy Smith has decided to form a new venture called Amusement Park Entertainment. And while that’s news by itself, what’s more interesting is that he’s decided to have IPG as his backer, not Omnicom, the parent company of TBWA. He’s also spent time at BBDO (also owned by Omnicom) and independent […]

Americans Love Letters. So Will They Start Writing More?


Just last week in my Talent Zoo column, I wrote about the struggles of the US Postal Service and the fact that I’d recently come across some old handwritten letters, the kind I haven’t gotten in years. Now it appears Albuquerque agency McKee Wallwork Cleveland wants to bring back the handwritten letter, with a project […]

TED Seeks To Advance The Art Of Advertising (By Moving It Into The Realm of Content)

TED wants to nurture ads so good you choose to watch. Hence, its second annual Ads Worth Spreading initiative. According to TED, an ad worth spreading is a short way of communicating an idea. The ad can be as long as it takes to communicate the idea powerfully, up to five minutes. What matters is […]

Map It Out

I’m speaking at Geekend Roadshow/DMA2011 in Boston tomorrow afternoon. At the end of my talk on “Paid Content in 2012 and Beyond” I will ask the content marketers in the room to create an editorial calendar. According to Ad Age, some marketers are already doing so. Mercedes Benz, Nestle Purina and Weight Watchers, are all […]

Marketing to Latinos Takes The Spotlight, Even If It Remains A Mystery To Some

There’s no doubt that the growing Latino population here in America is key for marketers. But it’s a diverse, often widely misunderstood population. So how are big media and marketing companies adapting? Writing in the Huffington Post, Lili Gill, who hosts a web show called Moments2CulturRise, takes a closer look: With opportunity comes change and […]