Mr. McKee Goes To Manhattan And Beyond


Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork Cleveland in the ABQ, contributes to BusinessWeek, which must increase his footprint substantially. Especially, when he offers solid advice like “Ten Common Marketing Mistakes” that the magazine’s readers can internalize, bookmark or print out and discuss. One mistake McKee identifies is Letting market research trump everything: Too many marketers […]

The Promise of Actionable Data Made Real

CRM 365

Data on consumer activity and preferences is abundant today, but the ability to work with it, to turn it into meaningful insights that impact the brand’s bottom line, is not. Hence, the need for Digitas’ latest offering, CRM365. Based in New York City, CRM365 launches with 45 people and will partner with VivaKi digital and […]

Occupy Wall Street Occupies A Place Among Some Ad Industry Professionals

Writing on his blog Creative Direction, T.J. Bennett, an ACD at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners, looks why some ad people empathize with the Occupy Wall Street movement: Many of us gravitated to advertising because we felt we could make a difference. We didn’t want to blindly follow the corporate drones—we wanted to create something. […]

Now You Too Can Be The Coca-Cola Kid

Mass personalization is getting bigger by the day, as brands use technology and social amplification to create one-to-one experiences around their products. According to Adfreak and Brand Channel, Coca-Cola Australia is betting on a viral hit for its new ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, where 150 of the nation’s most popular names will appear printed on […]

Yes, Big Billboards Are Overlooked (As A Medium, That Is)


Writing on Forbes Marketshare, Steve Olenski looks at the merits of billboards, and finds an Arbitron 2009 survey that suggests they do have an impact on purchasing behavior. Well, to the question of whether we pay attention to billboards, the study showed that 71% of us “often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional […]

Create Meaningful Content For Yourself And Your Clients, Or Get Lost In The Mix

Tom Martin of Converse Digital traveled to Cleveland, Ohio last month in order to attend the first Content Marketing World conference. According to his report in Ad Age, he was one of the few agency execs to show his face there, despite a good turn out from client organizations. Over beers after the opening night, […]

Will “Occupy Madison Avenue” Have Well Art Directed Signs?


Thanks to George Tannenbaum at Ad Aged for posting this amusing leaflet he got this morning. I can definitely get behind that last point of protest. I’m sure if this develops into anything, genuine or snarky, we’ll hear more about it.

Don’t Miss With Rick Perry Or He’ll Call You Obamney

Ouch. This new ad for the Texas Governor’s Presidential Campaign takes a straight punch at Mitt Romney. I’ve always believed that, at some level, negative ads work in politics. Because they stick, and they get relentlessly played on cable news. I wonder if this one will stick. It’s only gonna get nastier from here.

Pretty Good for a Dirt Face

Comedic vixen Kristen Schaal is at it again for Sony Ericsson in this new set of spot from MWorks in Atlanta.