What Would An Advertising World Without Direct Mail Look Like?

Direct mail is a huge portion of the ad business. Lots of people inside the business and outside love to hate it, but it often has a measurable effectiveness rate. Even in the Internet age, plenty of direct mail gets sent. It can be quite targeted, by demographics or neighborhoods, and often customized for the […]

Stella Isn’t A Normal Beer, Normal Beers Come In A Pint Glass

Order a Stella Artois on tap and it comes in a special glass. The fact that it does is a huge win, and point of difference, for the brand. Now, Stella is extending the idea of the special glass, or “chalice” to their new aluminum can. The consistent packaging may be a step short of […]

Want To Court An Audience Today? Learn Some Code Says Bateman

The New York Egotist is running a highly readable interview with Justine Bateman, the actress who who played Mallory on Family Ties. Today Bateman runs her own production and consulting company, Section 5, and she’s involved in several web-based projects, including Easy to Assemble, Project: Rant, and Wake Up and Get Real. Bateman believes we’re […]

If Axe Could Cure Hangovers, Old Spice Would Be In Trouble

Axe Bodywash will erase much of the obvious damage from last night’s shenanigans. But it won’t cure your hangover. Sorry bro.

Speak Into The Social Megaphone, Make A Movie

Inside is a social film experience from Intel, Toshiba and San Francisco agency Pereira & O’Dell. What the hell is a social film experience? According to the project website, it’s a completely new genre of Hollywood-class entertainment where the audience can play as much of a role as the A-list talent and actors. How? With […]

Appvertising on TV

Okay, your turn. What do you think of this spot for Bud Light from mcgarrybowen? Please sound off in the comments. Thanks.

Chris Brogan Isn’t Following You, But It’s Okay


Chris Brogan is a popular dude in certain circles. Ergo, he’s also a popular target for SPAM. To rid his Twitter feed of the unwanted appeals and outright trash, Brogan unfollowed everyone he was following– some 131,000 people. His observations about the unfollowing are worth noting: Many people wrote me fairly passionate statements as to […]

Find A Rival And Then Own Him

Talking sports smack is a time honored tradition among men. So, a campaign for EA Sports’ latest Madden game needs some of that attitude. Thanks to Heat, Supply&Demand Director Josh Taft and a V.O. from Ben Affleck, it does. Look at that guy…

When Oregon Ducks Quack, The Football World Listens


Sportswriter, Michael Kruse, writing in Grantland, argues that the Oregon Ducks are “college sports’ undisputed champions of the 21st century’s attention economy.” The football Ducks of Oregon are something new. They didn’t get people to watch because they got good. They got good because they got people to watch. “If attention is now at the […]

Agencies Hiring Their Own Chief Marketing Officers


Heads up. There’s a client in the building. According to Dirct Marketing News: Several shops recently appointed their first marketing chiefs, among them Draftfcb, which named Debra Coughlin, previously CMO and EVP at Citigroup’s Citi Cards unit, to the position this spring. 
 “Agencies are terrific about helping clients develop their brands, but not always […]