A Jacket Made For The Most Interesting Man In The World

Original Penguin by Munsingwear has launched a new campaign, from independent advertising agency La Comunidad. Yes, this new work is leaning on Dos Equis, but at least they’re borrowing from the best.

The Fat Lady Sings As Shit Hits The Fan

The climate crisis is not a debate. It’s reality. To focus on that reality, a week from now Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project launches its live streamed, global 24 Hours of Reality event. To help promote the event – and capture the urgency of the climate crisis and the misconceptions created by deniers – Gore’s […]

Take A Journey To The Cold Case For Claussen Pickles

When your pickles are not on the shelf with the rest of the pickles, but in the refrigerated section of the supermarket, you better have a plan to drive pickle shoppers to the correct aisle. Kraft does. Sir Edwin Horsham is a Shackleton-esque explorer helping willing shoppers find their way. Created by The Escape Pod […]

Taking It Personally: In Advertising, Criticism Is 100% Guaranteed.


Recently, after presenting to a particularly difficult client, a colleague in the media department turned to me and said, “Wow. You creatives really get beat up. I don’t know how you handle the constant criticism.” It wasn’t the first time I’d heard that—almost always from someone outside the Creative Department—but it reminded me how surviving […]

Bank of the West Is Not Bank of the East, North or South

Bank of the West is giving out Benjamins. That’s the message in this debut spot from the bank’s new agency, Heat in San Francisco. According to the agency, Bank of the West chose to “celebrate the modern west, and the spirit of optimism and hard-working entrepreneurialism in the bank’s customers. In this context, the west […]

Are You Getting The Business News You Need?


Forget glass houses, The Financial Times is talking glass cities. Created by Rapp, the new campaign for Asian markets illustrates how FT brings its readers “a complete, unparalleled view of world business all in one place.” In related news, Adweek reports that FT is also introducing a new campaign from DDB in Europe and the […]

Hall of Fame Copywriter On Running A Great Agency: Stuff The Place Full of Talent


David Abbott, the retired chairman and creative director of Abbott Mead Vickers in London, is one of this year’s inductees into the Advertising Hall of Fame. Abbott, an Oxford grad, started as a copywriter at Mather & Crowther, and later worked for DDB in New York and London. According to Rance Crain of Ad Age, […]

New Balance Wants You To Cover Both Feet With A Minimalist Shell

According to Ad Age, athletic shoe brands are starting to put major marketing dollars behind lightweight or minimalist running styles this year. The 2009 book, Born to Run, which followed a tribe of distance runners in Mexico who run in flat, homemade sandals, is credited with bringing the category in to the mainstream. Lightweight products […]

Journalism’s Church And State Division Is No Longer Relevant, But Telling The Truth Is

Michael Arrington defends repjpg

Micheal Arrington of Tech Crunch has a way of getting under journalists’ skin. He did so again last week when he announced he was stepping down as Editor of the site he founded in 2005 to focus on Crunch Fund, a new venture capital fund that will work with some of the companies that get […]

Amazon Wants To Protect Its Pricing, But At What Cost?

What is the battle to avoid paying sales tax in states where it has a physical presence doing to the Amazon brand? According to The New York Times, the standoff between Amazon and California is simple: the state passed a law at the beginning of the summer requiring online retailers with a physical presence in […]