Further Reflections On #BlogWell And SocialMedia.org


One of the things I learned at BlogWell— the conference I attended at Boeing’s Future of Flight Museum north of Seattle this week–is the conference is attended mostly by members of SocialMedia.org–an organization I knew little about until this week. Now that I know more, I’m impressed. For one thing, I like their business model. […]

Amazon Knows What Brands You Like And Now So Will The Brands

Amazon is a company that understands the value of data, and the Seattle company is about to turn their customer data into an even bigger cash machine by helping brand marketers reach customers, not just on Amazon.com, but on any website. Jay Habegger, writing in Ad Age, explains why Amazon’s new ad network is big […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: adidas Is OG (a.k.a. Original)

adidas America is a Portland player. As such, they’ve hooked up with Stumptown’s Kamp Grizzly, the “creative collective” founded by Daniel Portrait in 2005, in an effort to help promote their Originals line. Kamp Grizzly consists of a core group of nine full-time employees including directors, motion graphics artists, 3D & VFX artists, designers, and […]

The AdPulp Poll: How Long Have You Been Hanging Out?

How Long Have You Been Reading AdPulp?

Commercial Video And TV Commercials Are But Distant Cousins

Advertising is home of the loud, land of the brash. That’s why Adam Lisagor, “advertising’s quietest pitchman,” is a hit. He’s quiet and that’s the kind of thing that stands out amid the noise. Let’s take a look: According to Fast Company, Lisagor is now shooting TV spots, as well. The transition–from the sometimes-insular online […]

Why Make A Meal, When You Can “Forge The Family Dinner” With Velveeta?

Wieden + Kennedy/Portland is back with more character driven narrative in support of yet another packaged goods brand. This time it’s Velveeta, and the man isn’t on a horse, he fits horses with shoes. According to The New York Times, the new ads are means to resonate with consumers who want simplicity, but have misgivings […]

Please Mr. Postman

In today’s political climate, government waste is a big red bullseye. To get that target off their chest, the American Postal Workers Union is running an educational commercial about where the U.S.P.O. gets its funding. Personally, I find it sad that postal workers feel the need to defend themselves in this way. They may not […]

P&G Goes Big And Stays Big

Talk about an ad budget.

Actress Nikki Reed Drops An Idea That Doesn’t Stink

I give a shit about Whales. Big time. Thankfully, there’s a new fauxganization that’s encouraging me and you to Give a Shit (GaS). Some of you may be wondering why such a noble experiment has to resort to bad language. “We’re not offended by bad language,” according to give-a-shit.org. “We’re offended by billions of people […]

Make Stuff Up, Win A Prize


MUKILTEO—Co-creation–that ideal world where brands and customers play together to make something better than either party might achieve on their own–is the final topic of the day at BlogWell’s summer session in Seattle. Greg Piche, Social Media Architect for Clorox, describes the Clorox Connects project, where the company solicits new product ideas from the crowd. […]