What Difference Does The Screen Make? None, The Difference Is Whether Or Not You’re A Paid Subscriber

At any given time of day, about 11.5 million people between 18 and 34 years old watched TV on traditional sets between last September and the end of last month, down 2% from a year earlier and 3.4% from two seasons ago. Are young people coming to their senses or are they fooling with their […]

It’s a Sneaker Thing At Foot Locker

SapientNitro and Biscuit Filmworks debut new TV for Foot Locker, as part of the retailer’s Back-to-School push. The spots were directed by Aaron Ruell, best known for his role as Kip Dynamite in Napoleon Dynamite.

When Life Brings You Deion Sanders, You Make Him The DIRECTV Fairy

Deion Sanders can fly. No, really. Agency: Grey/NY

More Better Faster

John Winsor, CEO of Victor & Spoils , the crowdsourcing agency in Boulder, has been on the road for the last month talking to a dozen CMOs of Fortune 500 companies. He says, “there’s a lot of frustration out there” and that the biggest frustration of all is “the cost of creating advertising, both in […]

Brandvertainment On The Rise

A new survey from the Association of National Advertisers, finds that nearly two-thirds of client-side marketers—63 percent—plan to participate in branded entertainment projects in 2012. The top three reasons why client-side marketers are finding branded entertainment, a.k.a. “brandvertainment” beneficial: The ability to make a stronger emotional connection with the consumer (78 percent) The ability to […]

The BeanCast Episode 164: Can You Say “Ewanick” Three Times Fast?


I was a guest on Bob Knorpp’s The BeanCast again last night. Download the show from iTunes now. Thanks to Knorpp’s gracious invite (and my patented contentiousness), I joined Wendi Cooper of C Spot Run, Kelly Eidson of Modea and Tyler Hurst on the program’s 164th episode. We discussed GM’s desire to be more like […]

Another GM Story: This Time, Goodby Gets Graded In Public

Sorry to put another GM story on top of the last one, but I think this is a bit bizarre. Ad Age reports on a public grading of Goodby’s Chevy work. Asked to grade Goodby nearly one year into the “Chevy Runs Deep” campaign, Mr. Ewanick said: “I think they’re a great agency. I’m really […]

GM Has The Right Idea, But Can They Execute?

2011 CTS Luxury Sport Wagon | Cadillac

General Motors wants to be the next Apple, according to Ad Age. Speaking to an audience of investors and analysts this week, GM’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, Joel Ewanick, had this to say: “We understand our direct competitors are Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai — a very, a very strong competitor, one that I know well and […]

Your Cre8con Discount Code: “AdPulp”

Portland Creative Conference - 2009 Cre8con - a set on Flickr

The Portland Creative Conference (aka Cre8con) is an interdisciplinary exploration and celebration of the creative process across various creative industries. The conference features keynote presentations from leading creatives who reveal their work and talk about their process, secrets, influences and inspirations. The event is produced by Oregon Creative Industries and takes place on Saturday September […]