Been There, Blogged That

First Vaynerchuk, now Romensko. Poynter Institute’s human news aggregator, Jim Romenesko, has announced his semi-retirement from the grind of daily content production. “For media beat reporters, it’s tough to imagine Romenesko not curating the day’s media news,” says Huffington Post writer, Michael Calderone. “I went back and forth to renewing (my contract), not renewing,” the […]

Free Fluevogs For One


Canadian shoemaker, John Fluevog, is looking to the crowd for help making advertisements. “This is where you can change the future of advertising for the better, one Fluevog Ad at a time,” it says on the company’s site. So right there, this consumer generated contest falls apart. As always, hyperbole fails to elevate the brand. […]

Let Me Guess, The Unemployed Are Lazy? What A Crock Of Shit | Free Online Petition Tools for Social Change is a hotbed of citizen activism against corporate tyranny. The site is host to petitions that ask Hershey’s to stop exploiting student guestworkers; tell New Balance to stop supporting anti-gay politicians; and another meant to get McDonald’s to stop buying pork from producers who use gestation crates. There’s also a campaign to get […]

$10 Per Thousand Page Views Isn’t The Point, The Transaction Is, Because Any Monetary Exchange Changes The Score

Seeking Alpha

One of my primary professional goals since my late 20s has been to get paid for my writing. Of course, we know how that worked out. I found advertising and we’ve made discordant and sometimes beautiful music together ever since. Another goal that I’ve been focused on more recently is my desire to pay writers. […]

Upward And Onward For The People’s Wine Critic

Daily Grape 89

After five and half year and more than 1000 episodes of WineLibraryTV and Daily Grape combined, Gary Vaynerchuk will make wine videos no more. Vaynerchuk changed the wine world with his down-to-earth, often raw, descriptions of wine. He pulled the stuffing out of it, and while some traditionalists surely bristle at his takes, I’ve been […]

Vodka Distilled From Pineapple: That’s the Kind of Innovation America Is Famous For


Skiver Advertising in Newport Beach, Calif. specializes in helping spirits brands perfect their messaging. For example, the agency works with PAU Maui Vodka, a super premium vodka distilled from pineapples and made in Hawaii. PAU Maui costs $89.99 a bottle, so Skiver introduced the brand at fashion shows, placed ads in golf publications and provided […]

Seven Unwritten Rules of Social Media c/o Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty is an entrepreneur, author and speaker based in Silicon Valley. He also contributes to American Express OPEN Forum, where I found this gem. Seven Unwritten Rules of Social Media 1. Connection does not imply permission 2. Access does not imply entitlement 3. Activity is not productivity 4. More is not better 5. Reciprocation […]

Do Conversations About Luxury Accomodations Inspire Bookings? Hilton’s Luxury Brands Want To Know

John Vanderslice, Global Head of Luxury and Lifestyle Brands at Hilton Worldwide (which includes Conrad and Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts), explores the company’s Luxury Manifesto with thought leaders in the segment. Here we have Lisa Hughes, publisher of The New Yorker, discussing how luxury brands communicate in new ways via social media while holding […]

Duck Tron – Duck Brand Duck Tape

I’ll just leave this right here. A spot for Duck Brand Duck Tape from Ryactive. I like it. A pretty gutsy call capitalizing on Tron and Tron Guy, Jay Maynard.

The Best Performing Banner In A Poorly Performing Class


Todd Wasserman of Mashable reports that banner ads may be experiencing big growth this year, they’re not getting any more effective. Only one person in 1,000 actually clicks on banner ads, despite attempts to make them more inviting. However, the Google report, which comes out this week, found that the format of a display ad […]